Where to buy power transistor in small qty?

I need to replace the left channel mosfit power transistor of my Creek 5350. The manufacturer is Harris semiconductor and the part# is RFP30N06LE. I did a search and the only site I found that sells Harris brand is Gerber Electronics and the minimum qty. that you can buy is 805. I only need 4. Does anybody knows where to buy this in small qty? It needs to be Harris brand to match the right channel.

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Harris spun off its semiconductor business about 10 years ago. The spun off business was initially called Intersil, resurrecting the name of an earlier semiconductor company. Intersil's power integrated circuit business was then acquired by Fairchild Semiconductor (which had earlier been spun off by National Semiconductor) in 2001.

So the current incarnation of what you are looking for is under the Fairchild brand, and you can purchase it in small quantities here, and I'm sure from other distributors as well:


-- Al