Where to buy Pioneer stable platter mechanism

I need help from you members.Looking for a new Pioneer
stable platter mechanism.I heard that this one is not in
production anymore,so i would like to buy one for reserve.
All address are welcome,from Japan,USA,Canada,Europe.
Thank you in advance
Ebay, used pioneer player around 50 - 150 bucks, many models can be found with it.
Yeah, I was thinking about eBay also as a source. Just buy a used one. If you look for one missing the remote with dents and scratches, you can probably get it really cheap.
Hey I know this is not what you are looking for but you might be interested.On ebay there is a guy that has a b unch of 1980's-1990's NIB unopened Stock from a stereo store.Very detailed picts.Pioneer,Denon,jvc,accuphase,plus others.A lot of TT and other parts like carts,stylis's ect.Just look up any of those brands and you should find him,he also has a web store.Hope this helps
Hi,Thank you very much for your responses.I will try at ebay.