Where to buy new rock LP s?

I've been scouring the 'net looking for current and classic rock records, sealed (I've had too many surprises with used records, people often use poetic license to describe condition). Pretty well everywhere I go, there's a decent selection of classical or jazz titles, but few if any rock LP's. Any websites you'd recommend would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Jeff
Music Direct has a pretty good selection, amusicdirect.com. Import and domestic pressings. Elusive Disc may also, elusivedisc.com(?).
Thanks, appreciate it! Ordered four titles from Music Direct, Elusive Disc unfortunately doesn't cater to rock enthusiasts. Again, thank you. Jeff
Just curious, are you looking for new reissues of classic rock or new music by contemporary groups?
Eldon, mostly new stuff, since I have a fair bit of the older material. The new U2 album would be nice to own on vinyl, fer instance. As far as I know, much of the new music is still released on vinyl in Eastern Europe due to the slow adoption of digital formats there. I may be way off here, just hoping there's more analog out there for us junkies. JL
gemm.com will suprise you.
Do a search on the net for Simply Vinyl. They have hundreds of 180g reissues. I bought my Alan Parsons "I Robot" and some Van Morrison's and they are excellent. I bought all of the U2 releases on MoFi but the recordings are not that great to start with so it was rather disappointing.
got to agree with with j.thunders. www.gemm.com hey i wanted some 1,500 pressing 7' single a couple were there as usual....

also try www.musicstack.com similiar format to gemm aka 90 million people listed selling essential items.
I have bought a number of new releases on vinyl including rock titles at: www.redtrumpet.com they provide excellent service at competitive prices. Good luck.
I second redtrumpet.com. They tend to have most new rock LPs. Not necessarily all of the independant rock releases, but most of the major label and import releases.
It looks like you've gotten plenty of good suggestions for more mainstream rock. I recommend Music Direct too--their prices and selection are pretty hard to beat.

There are also plenty of rock/punk/underground/independent record labels that regularly release new music on vinyl. I'd recommend checking out labels like Lookout! Records, Empty Records, Dischord Records, Sympathy For the Record Industry Records, etc. www.worldwidepunk.com is a good resource for web addresses for these an LOTs on other indi labels. Keep in mind that the music that falls under the umbrella of punk now is a lot more diverse than just the Sex Pistols. If you're feeling adventurous, there's plenty there to keep you busy.
When perusing ebay, I have noticed that a lot of punk stuff is out on vinyl. Why is this? I can understand hip-hop and club releases on vinyl (for DJs), but why punk and core? Does VPI's biggest customer base have mowhawks and homemade patches?

I'm a semi-respectable member of the boring adult society with only a few tattoos to remind me of my punk rock youth. Maybe I'm not so far away from that as I thought.
Some of it's for the same reason that un-punk folks still buy vinyl: bigger pictures/nicer artwork and a warmer, more intimate sound. MDC sounds like they're in my living room when played on my Rykocut through Sound Dynamic RTS-3s.

There's also an effort to support/promote vinyl by many of the established punk labels. At the record store I shop at in Baltimore, domestic new releases usually cost $8.99 on vinyl or $11.99 on CD. Euro imports are usually $13.99 on vinyl and $15.99 on CD. (And vinyl definitely is NOT cheaper to manufacture.)

Until very recently, you had to own a record player if you wanted to listen to earlier punk music. More and more older stuff is re-released on CD (and vinyl) now. But five years ago, if you wanted to hear 70s and 80s punk groups (outside of more famous bands like the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc...)you had to buy it used, on vinyl.

I'm sure some of it's tradition too. Did you know that a lot of punk groups still release singles/45s/7"s?

There's also an unlikely punk-audiophile trend emerging. I'm guessing someone must be using their marketing noodle by trying to appeal to punks, collectors and vinyl-philes at the same time. The Simply Vinyl re-issues of the Clash catalog are a good expample. A month ago, I bought an 180 gram reissue of the Dead Boy's "Young, Loud and Snotty". It's stikes me a weird pairing, but I'm happy as hell to reap the benefits!