Where to buy MA Speakers?

Does anyone know of any Monitor Audio Dealers in TX? I'm trying to get out and listen to a pair before I take the plunge. I've read nothing but good things about these speakers and I'm eager to audition them. Thanks ahead of time for the help.
Try Stereo East, they had them last time I visited.
Magnolia AV carries (some of) the line. I think they have stores in Houston and Dallas.

Good Luck,

IF you are in Houston a buddy of mine in West U has a home theater set up with them, and he may let you come in and listen. He's in West U.
Thanks for the help. I am in Houston, and it doesn't seem like there's a single Montior Audio dealer out here, so it looks like a trip to Dallas may be in order.

Macdadtexas, what does your friend think of the RS6's? Where did he get his?

Thanks again for the help.
You might want to try Nortec Media.

I think they're the best for home theater frisco.