Where to buy LPs online?

I have recently gone back to analog and boy what a difference...Forget Digital!! Does anyone out there know of really good sites to purchase Classical, Jazz and Rock LPs?...I would appreciate your help...Thanx
I am selling off my lp collection and send you an excel file with what is left. If interested, please e-mail me. Also, suggest you check the Princeton Record exchange.
hi kasboot,

this is one place i like:


there's tons more - yust do a websearch on records for sale, etc...

good luck, doug

www.redtrumpet.com, www.amusicdirect.com, www.acousticsounds.com, www.mosaicrecords.com(jazz). Good luck.
i collect mfsl and japanese lp's, as well as classical stuff on lyrita and other european labels. i've had very good experiences on ebay. be careful, tho. deal only with sellers who have excellent feedback ratings and buy from overseas sellers only if you know what your total cost will be. good hunting.
www.amusicdirect.com is a good bet for new and re-issue popular titles.
If you want to consider a real person, not a website, I strongly recommend Gerry Canter, The Classical Collector,3151 Harrison Street, Evanston, Ill. 60201, an 847 area code--don't have the no. with me. He has sizable catalogues of new material every couple of months, and will be happy to exchange worthwhile information over the phone. Sorry to suggest such an outmoded method of exchanging information. On the other hand, it is LP's you're looking for....
E BAy....Check sellers feedbacks.good Luck.
The two best that I have found are Acoustic Sounds (www.acousticsounds.com) and The Elusive Disc (www.elusivedisc.com). Good Luck, Doug
On MusicDirect.com it says they pressed their own LPs. Any ideas about the sound quality? MJC.
To update my last posting, The Classical Collector does have a website, www.classicalcollector.com, and the phone no. is (847) 864-3981. Great guy, great records.
My experience with Ebay has been mixed. If you buy from an EBAY POWER SELLER, you should be fine. Privately, you take your chances. People tend to over-rate their stuff. You can get, in limited selections, CDNOW.com. Your need to be pretty detailed on your search. Best bet is to try by the title. Also, CLASSICRECS.COM as well as others mentioned.
Mjc ~ My understanding is the pressings are done according to the who the label/manufacturer is. For instance Mob Fid records were pressed by Mob Fid, etc. Generally the labels they cary all have respectable pressings. It is the source of the master tape which will have more effect on the sound than the pressing. It is not always apparent however and amusicdirect will probably not be able to answer. But generally speaking, better labels can get access to the master. What you want to avoid is records that were made from a DAT or other than master tape. I am not an expert or even well versed on vinyl howerer this is just what I know and you should check the feedback others give.