where to buy Lemo connector used in VPI?

want to build my own phono cable with female Lemo on one end and male RCA on the other for my VPI, VPI arm goes thru too many connectors and I can't see any sound benefit other than convenience.

there are some online dealers selling Lemo connectors, but some are "Lemo like" and some require bulk ordering. has anyone tried building a cable for their VPI?
Call Michael Percy audio. He is online.
Be sure that the new cable is situated so that the cable doesn't exert any force on the tonearm. You probably have already thought of this.
Stanwal, I did think of where to situate the cable. I will continue using the old junction box for grounding and anti-skating, so most likely use tie wrap to secure the connectors next to the junction box. not sure how to deal with shielding and if I use shielding how to ground the shield, will be some trial and error in this process for sure.