Where to buy lead shot

Anyone know where I can buy lead shot to fill my speaker stands? I've tried hardware stores and a few gun shops. Any ideas are appreciated.
Thanks for all the great ideas. I was only able to find one store in the Dallas area that carried a substantial amount (i.e. bags) of shot, the smallest being 10gu. It was a pretty good distance however and paying for shipping from another destination seems like a little more $$$ than I would want to justify. I decided to create a mix of gravel and sand. Standard fare at Home Depot - sterilized childrens play sand @ $2.50/50lb bag and a 50 lb bag of gravel for about $3.00. I used 150# total or 75# per side. I finished up late last night, after feeling like a hourglass - I'll probably require traction for about a week!! I'll follow-up and let you all know how it worked out. Thanks again for all support and responses! You guys are great!
I have had both sand and lead shot filled stands. I think the lead works better both because of its greater mass and because it seems to soak up resonance. Shot I took out of some stands that were located near a subwoofer actually appeared to have deformed.
Here's where I will be getting my lead- www.welcocastings.com.(a Canadian lead manufacturer/distributor- they will ship around the world) I am actually going to do the ultimate- a 'hot lead pour' into my speaker stands. Welco can do this, they actually mix 3% antimony (an impurity) into the hot lead- the antimony helps avoid shrinkage from a lead-only pour. I can't even imagine how heavy the stands will be after that!! Sounds like a rather exotic solution, but hey, why not?- you just can't beat lead for resonance dampening- good luck! Oh- btw- Welco also sells individual pieces of lead- I am going to pick up a couple of their 'diving weights' (lead with a rubber coating) for use on top of an outboard power supply, with Isobearings under the power supply- it works!!
Thanks for that website Sutts it may come in handy in the future. I went ahead and used the sand and pea-gravel mix, about 60lbs per side. The stands are filled about 2/3 full. I should mention the "stands" are cubed wooden enclosures - I couldn't find a speaker stand with a wide enough footprint. They rest upon Mod Squad Tip Toes that by now have found their tips through the carpet and pad to the foundation (my wife loves that -HeHe). The first thing I noticed was a much more focused sound stage and a tighter bass. Unfortunately, I also lost a lost of mid/low bass. I use a subwoofer crossed over @ 85Hz (non-adjustable on this Velodyne model). It main speakers seem to have dropped a little "power" at around 100Hz, before the sub picks up. While I may have grown accustomed to the coloration my prior stands (end tables) helped create with my speaker, I don't know that I like it. Guess I'll have to give it more time and play with it. Ain't this a fine hobby fellas? It's always something!!!
In Los Angeles, Turners Outdoors Man sells lead shot. I am not sure if they are a national chain or only located on the west. A One 25 lb. bag runs a little under $20.00 including tax.