Where to buy lead shot

Anyone know where I can buy lead shot to fill my speaker stands? I've tried hardware stores and a few gun shops. Any ideas are appreciated.
Check out my previous 6/09 post called "Sand or Shot? I think that it might answer your question.
I buy my lead shot from Carter Country in Houston. This is a speciality store for guns, ammuniation, and other out door activities i.e. fising. I would recommend that you use half sand and half shot for your stands. Less expensive than using all shot and sounds better. Jim
JBM, what was the difference you noticed? Has anyone else tried filling their stands with lead vs. sand vs. lead/sand? I'm especially interested in comparisons involving filled equipment racks instead of stands, too? Any appreciable difference there or is density and stability more important with racks?
Thanks for all the great ideas. I was only able to find one store in the Dallas area that carried a substantial amount (i.e. bags) of shot, the smallest being 10gu. It was a pretty good distance however and paying for shipping from another destination seems like a little more $$$ than I would want to justify. I decided to create a mix of gravel and sand. Standard fare at Home Depot - sterilized childrens play sand @ $2.50/50lb bag and a 50 lb bag of gravel for about $3.00. I used 150# total or 75# per side. I finished up late last night, after feeling like a hourglass - I'll probably require traction for about a week!! I'll follow-up and let you all know how it worked out. Thanks again for all support and responses! You guys are great!