Where to buy Kimber speaker cables w/ good price??

I'm waiting for my Paradigm Ref Studio 20 to arrive in the next couple weeks and in search for a pair of Kimber speaker cables (8TC or 4TC). Can somebody give me some pointers on where I can get them for a good price (in store or on the net)? I'm living pretty close to Seattle, so if you know of any store up there that carries Kimber cable, it would be great.
Thanks in advance.
go for the Kimber Select series!!! A different planet to the others!
Good luck!
ebay seller ,,, search seller harleyr23465
you might try www.qaudio.com
they have 4vs in stock. this is similar to 4tc except the insulation is not teflon, and i've heard the sound is at least as good as the 4tc. their prices are good and they're good guys. they're in cambridge ma and will ship.
Purchase used, and watch the Audiogon site and/or do a search on this site. I see at least one ad or more each week.
Watch out for fake ones selling over the net.
You won't, as a rule, find stores that discount Kimber Kable products -- if you want to save some money, just watch Audiogon closely for used cables being sold.

In Seattle, the main dealer for Kimber Kable is Speakerlab, which carries the full line of Kimber speaker wire in bulk, and well as pre-made sets. Speakerlab is located on Roosevelt Way, NE, about 2 blocks south of NE 65th ST, and one block south of Magnolia Hi-Fi.
Thanks for your responses in this forum and in private emails. It looks like going for used ones is way to go.