Where to buy HDCD's?

I can't seem to find HDCD's in my local stores.
Any recommended on-line sites?
Go to the web site www.hdcd.com . The site tells you all recordings that are hdcd incoded. It can take you to online stores that sell these recordings.
Try http://www.deepdiscountcd.com All there HDCD titles are noted in the description. It helps if you know which titles your looking for.
Try http://www.elusivedisk.com or http://amusicdirect.com

The music direct site allows you to shop by categories and includes an HDCD section. Ebay is another way to go. Just click on Browse, then the CD's, Records and Tapes category, and then type in hdcd in the Basic Search box. Viola!
It's really weird that HDCDs arent't labelled as HDCDs. What I do is find out which ones are HDCD on the hdcd.com site and buy them at my favourite music place. On another note, I recently heard the cd layer from a Hybrid SACD and it sounded better than HDCD and came close to XRCD, so that might be another option if you're looking for great recordings.
Thanks, everyone.
I'll be getting an hdcd player in a few days. Then I'll enter the strange world of hdcd. I like to shop at the used cd stores but I guess there is no way to tell if the cd is hdcd or not unless I check the hdcd site or put the disk in an hdcd player. It all sounds so secretive with everything controlled by the hdcd site. And now Mr. Gates owns it! Curiouser and curiouser.
Pmi guy-most but not all HDCD disc's have the HDCD logo on the back of the disc near the copyright mark.