Where to Buy Fuses for my OTL power blocks?

Blew a Fuse in my OTLs PSU(A single Fuse).
Can’t seem to find a similar spec online,

The spec is F 15A 500V.

Company was Synergistic Research "Black" model.
They charge $110 for a fuse, About 110 times the price of a normal fuse...;-)

What is a sane, down to earth option.?


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Here's the problem with your plan: you're used to the way your amp sounds with the Black fuse. So when you stick the crap one in you are gonna think your PSU is broken. So you send it out for repair. And $500 later it comes back with a note, "Tested. Replaced crap fuse. $150 Blue Quantum Fuse. $350 Labor."

So the Blue will actually save you money. Buy from highend-electronics, they replaced one of mine for free when it blew.