Where to buy fuse for fuse panel?

I just installed some 20A dedicated lines by using fuse panel. The problem is I can't find the size of 20A fuse that fix into the slots. Fuses with the value of 20A are too small, and the other ones with the right size are bigger in value like 35A and up.
Can I use 35A fuse for 20A circuit? If my equipments don't
draw over 20A, then is it safe to use it? Does anybody know where can I find these fuses online?
Thank you very much.
Sounds like this is this a large cartridge fuse intended for main disconnects, which is not the correct type fusebox for household circuits. But no don't overfuse; that is not safe & if you had a fire then your insurance might likely be voided. I believe for that you need the screw-in base Edison type fuses available in 20A size, etc. That is a Buss W20. The thread looks just like a light bulb's. Buss sells them in plastic housing now (no more ceramics) although 30 amp W30's are still available in ceramic.
The larger cartridge fuses may be available in a 20 amps version but I'm not sure about that. Try asking at an electrical supply warehouse.
Years ago I remember some type of metallic adapters that could be slipped over the smaller version cartridge fuses ends (2 required per fuse) that would allow the smaller fuses to be installed in the next size larger holder. Soory I don't remember a brand name or any other specific information. Check with electrical supply houses that carry both size fuses or an extremely good hardware store. Absolutely do not use a fuse larger than the wire (or recepticles) are/is rated for.
Is your fuse panel old? If it is, you probably have the newer S-Type fuses and are attempting to place them in Edison base fuse holders. S-types are smaller in diameter for a given amp rating than an Edison. Go to a Home Depot, ask for "Edison Base" plug fuses. Be very careful - all amperages are the same size.
No, my fuse panel is new. Just bought it 2 days ago. I'll check with Home Depot and electrical stores to see if they have any kind of adapter. Are there any fuse panel using small fuse size? Brand? Model number?
Is this new panel for fuses or circuit breakers? Where did you get it? Send me an email with the info on the inside front cover (if you can scan the installation sheet even better) and I'll get back to you with specifics.
Hi Gs5556,
This is new panel for fuses, and I bought it at electrical store. Here is the information.
* The brand is Midwest
* Model # is U0653F.
* 60Amps max; 240Volts A-C
* 3 pole; 3 phase
* Type 3R enclosure
* Space for Class 'H' fuse
* 60Amp max
* 60A. 7 1/2HP STD. 3 PHASE
* 15 HP MAX. 3 PHASE 240V
If you know where I can find the 20A fuses for this panel, please let me know. I can find the size for this panel but it's only 35A, 40A, 50A, 60A.
Thank you very much.
This is a fused disconnect switch, horsepower rated, in a NEMA 3R enclosure rated for outdoor use. Typical application is next to your outdoor air conditioner/heat pump as a service disconnect.

With all due respect, I'd suggest by the info presented here, that you are going down a very incorrect and potentially dangerous path, and that you engage the services of a professional licensed journeyman electrican.

Electrical fork-ups are not amusing, and typically result in at least 2 things; fire and/or death. Period. They also can result in a weeping widow in a long black veil walking down the center aisle of her church.