where to buy Exton cds

I have just listened to Mahler 4th symphony SACD recorded by Exton,a Japanese label.I was focusing on auditioning my new power cords,I am a converted agnostics I never thought power cords would make such a huge difference.The sound was the best I have ever heard of recorded music,atleast in my system.The SACD was played on a Esoteric X-01 ltd player using a StageIII Minotaur Power cord feeding a Meridian 861V6 powered by a StageIII Zyklop cord both are connected to Weizi PRS-6 power distribution which is in turn plugged into the wall outlet with Esoteric/Acrolink 7000? pc.These sources drove the German Physics five way surround sound.Loreley main speakers,Borderland center and Legato rears.
The sound was so good that I wanted to purchase some more Exton recording.Unfortunately I found a very limited selection available,primarily from Elusive disc and Arkiv music.However the large selection that I could find on the web where from Amazon,Jn,Fr.De. etc at outrageous prices.Does anyone know of another source.
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Outrageous prices and are they real ???
to answer your question,yes they are for real.The sound quality is incredible.I just wish every recording label would hire their engineers, equipment and dedication.
Found the online seller at "reasonable" ie competitive prices and good selection .The seller is JPC,I have been shopping with them for at least ten years.Their website has been greatly improved,they are in Germany and have a much broader selection of classical music than any US source that I have found.You can find them on line by searching for WWW.JPC.DE
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