Where To Buy Custom Aplifier Chassis?

Can anyone refer me to a place that makes custom premium quality amplifier chassis? I mean a chassis with the finish the quality of Pass Labs, Modwright or Krell monoblocs.
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Amazing that they can make it for so little. Don't know about quality but from the pictures it looks well made.

Best of luck

Two Midwest machinist’s and a CNC machine ... results are stunning

They can build you anything ... just draw a picture of what you want on the back of a big enough Check (;-

Aluminati Sound
Landfall Systems makes custom aluminum enclosures to your specifications (within the limits of their materials). Check them out:


They are very nice to work with and really bent over backwards for me when I was designing and building my 833C mono amps. Here are a couple a pics of the completed amps, top and bottom so you can see the enclosures in more detail:



These enclosures are very strong - each completed mono weighs 180lbs, and the Landfall chassis feels quite solid even with that load.
Speaking of writing a big check you could try here as well:

Davehrab...I contacted Aluminati Sound. They replied that they no longer make amplifier cases. Really sad news, they made some really rad killer stuff.