Where to buy CD's


I am now just starting out in collecting CD's; I have been told to stay away from certain labels because of quality concerns. I live in Central America so I will need to order on-line. I like different music including alternative, Latin, Spanish guitar, Classic Rock. Any recommendations where to go?
Will you be purchasing from the US? From my experience Amazon and CD Universe are both quite good.

If you want opinions on sound quality of specific CDs join: www.SteveHoffman.tv where you can ask and believe me, you will receive.
Amazon but check feedback,look for things like "Cd as described." I only buy from vendors with 97% feedback or better. Ebay,same thing and by all means buy used from both these places because it is cheaper and you can build your libray faster.Some used stuff is sealed but sold as used.Also with Ebay you can get a break in shipping if you buy more than one item. If you win a bid click on what other stuff their selling and bid on that and then combine the shipping.
Amazon! Definitely my favorite. And you can buy from Amazon.com, Amazon.jp, Amazon.co.uk, etc...
I like Amazon too.Ive bought a few hundred CDs .Only had one problem,and my money was refunded .
Highly recommend Amazon. Use the private venders on Amazon for great deals on used CDs. I always buy "Like New" and have never had a problem disk.
I agree that the vender must have a rating of 97 to 100% positive feedback.
Thank you everyone for your responses....I will check Amazon out.
Agree with Lowrider. Ive had great luck with the private vendors on Amazon (and found some rare cd's) as well as Amazon themselves. Ive had a few cracked jewel cases but I keep a case of those on hand and just swap the cracked case out with a new one?
Expect cracked jewel cases as most sellers use the cheapest packaging possible. Boxes are rare.
"Expect cracked jewel cases as most sellers use the cheapest packaging possible. Boxes are rare."

Because I order so many CDs, I bought high quality plastic cases on Amazon.
Or you can sometimes download for free, albeit perhaps in lowly MP3. Earlier this very week, Amazon was allowing free download of the Who's Tommy performed with the London Symphony. One downside is that it is MP3. The second downside, for at least some :), was that it did not include one track from the composition, Pinball Wizard by Rod Stewart. Of course, for .99 you could download that one track and splice into this marvelous body of work which otherwise sells as a 2 CD set for about $200. It was quite a score and was the best I have ever seen. I found out about it on spoofee.com.
I agree with Amazon. Only had one problem over the many years and that was a few weeks ago. Ordered a CD from a seller and the CD case was empty. Spotlight Media Solutions Inc. Being sorted by amazon at the present.
Thank you for all the responses, never purchased music via amazon, I am told to stay away from certain labels due to poor cd pressing quality. I recall BMG? was one them. How does one know who pressed the CD?
Most of mine come from amazon or the goodwill store these days.

Occasionally still, from the local record store chain, where I used to buy most, which unfortunately is now down to just a single store with good selection and fair prices about 20 miles away.
Gotta say Amazon in general is awesome. Been buying things large and small there for years and always fast reliable service and good value with no problems. Definitely the juggernaut in retail for me these days!
"I am told to stay away from certain labels due to poor cd pressing quality. I recall BMG? was one them. How does one know who pressed the CD?"

Untruths started by audiophiles because BMG sold thier CDs for such a low price. And if there is one thing an audiophile cannot abide, it's a LOW PRICE!! If I remember correctly, If I ordered at least 4 CDs, the price came to around 7 dollars each. I prurchased many, many CDs from them, all with labels like DG, Sony, Blue Note etc.... I don't think those labels would allow sub-standard pressings to be sold under their label. I only went to Amazon after BMG and Tower closed shop and Waterloo Records went nuts.
http://www.importcds.com/ is a good source and usually less expensive than Amazon. I've ordered many CD's from them without any problems.
Amazon rocks!
I also use CD baby.
Amazon Prime is a must as well. You can share your Prime membership with 5 people which makes it well worth it.
Donjr I just couldn't see the benefits with prime.
One -two days doesn't matter to me and I always look for free supersaver shipping
Anything I am missing?
If they had a rebate program now we're talking lol