Where To Buy Cable Elevators/Risers?

Don't Flame: I don't believe that such devices change sound, etc. Thank You. PHEW!

I want to buy some as I'm about to build my own custom length speaker cables. And would like some risers for the Aesthetics, Looks, Cool Factor, etc. Make my humble set-up look more Audiophilish, ha-ha. 

They'll help keep them nicely routed and organized. And I don't want my homemade cables on my dingy floor. So any help with some cheap, nice looking ones would be great. I don't have a wood shop or hobby bench to make some. So buying is my only option. I've tried to CL some. But could't find any for sale.

Any and all Recs/Links will be appreciated. If all else fails, These look like a fun project. http//www.theanalogdept.com/diy_cable_elevators.htm   The #4 picture. I'd use better looking lashings though. Thnx!