Where to buy amr fuses?

I'm looking to buy AMR fuses for my amp, cdp, and phono stage. I've found some on ebay, but they come from Great Britain.  Do any US distributors exist? I tried calling Avatar Acoustics but had to leave a voice mail...the voice mail message for the AA # I called did not identify itself as AA.

I've tried calling both numbers on website. The main number is disconnected and the other goes to an unidentified voice mail.  I also sent an email...no response so far.
Cable Company. thecableco.com. They can send you demo's first so you can pick the ones that sound best.

I just looked up Avatar Acoustics on Yahoo.  It appears that they are now a construction company and no longer an audio dealership.


Were they a victim of the Aftermarket Fuse wars? Were they swallowed by the Great Vortex? 

" Nope. They don't sell Amr. "

Try what they do have. Why take a chance and buy something that either makes no difference, or makes your system sound worse?

Good point.  AMR receives equally as good reviews as any of those offered by thecableco.com for much less money. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll take my chances on something much less expensive in case it doesn't offer improvement.  Based on reviews, price doesn't seem to be a factor of functionality or quality in this area of audio tweaks.
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@safebelayer contact Jim Uban at Westford Audio.  Jim is an AMR dealer so can't probably get them for you.

Thank you.  I've already found an overseas dealer but these are less expensive.

My search is over.  Thank you to all who have responded