Where to buy a Sgt Pepper Album Cover?

I've done some surfing, but haven't had any luck so far. Anyone know? An alternative- albeit maybe more expensive -might be to buy the album. I found the album at SoundStageDirect.com, and it's reasonably priced. Since I want the cover for "art," I'm focused on what the quality of the cover will be like. Thanks for any thoughts.
I might have an extra around here. Shoot me a message if you are still looking.
Why not buy the album and then have the poster matted and framed?
Thanks Roscoeiii...since the changes on the site, I can't figure out how to send you a message. I am still looking and interested. If no can help with how to message you, I'll post my email address here.
Goofyfoot: the album comes with a poster?
He may be thinking of the White album which originally included a poster.
SPLHCB comes with an insert with a pic of "Sgt. Pepper" and "badges." It's just small enough to fit in the sleeve.

"The Beatles" (aka the white album) comes with a photo of each Beatle and a poster.
I'm sorry but I may be confusing things however, there are posters of the record cover. You can find these on ebay and they're not expensive. My sister had this poster many years ago and had it framed and matted. She died at 29 other wise I'd offer it up.