where to buy a BNC to RCA component cable?

I have a Muse DVD player and it has BNC component connectors on the back but my Panasonic TV has RCA component connectors.

Where can I buy a set of component cables with BNC and RCA?

I finally bought some BNC to RCA adaptors from Radio Shack and tried component cables and there is indeed a step up from S video but I would like and all in one cable with out the adaptors.

I hate to point out the obvious but if you google "BNC RCA COMPONENT" you will get a few hundred choices.
Better cables at www.bettercables,com would be a good choice.
Hey Phil, if you find something please let us know what it is. Good luck!
Parts Express (parts-express.com) has the following items available:

1. Part No. 090-397 RCA Plug to BNC Jack -- $ 1.25 ea.
2. Part No. 090-400 RCA Jack to BNC Plug -- $ 1.30 ea.

Hope this will fix your problem as it would indeed be an easy as well as a cheap fix.

Herman - I do know that I could google this but hope to get some input from the knowledgeable and helpful folk at Agon.

Rives - I went to bettercable but could not find one, maybe it is my search methods but my browser is slow and I will continue my search at work tomorrow.

Hi Gunbei, I sure will keep you guys posted, I did not mention that I am looking to keep the price down so hopefully my search will still help you.

I have been cheap with my TV picture quality. I originally bought S video cable because my old DVD player did not have component but I just tried a $10 cable with the $15 Radio Shack adapters and it is clearly better than the $80 S video so I am willing to throw a little more at it and will return the adapters to R Shack. I should not skimp because my TV is a Panasonic Tao HDTV with a superb picture and I am a movie lover so we will see what can be done. Maybe signal cable would sell them... I will get back to you.
Philojet- I had the identical problem and solved it with a BNC/RCA component cable from Signal Cable for not too much money. See http://signalcable.com/component.html.
Kimber cable also makes one that can be factory terminated with both BNC and RCA ends. It's available at The Needle Doctor.

After all the positive press here on Agon for Signalcable I bought a 4" length for $75 plus shipping today. I will get it in about a week and report back.

FWIW Frank is a nice guy and I am glad to give him my money for a quality product I am sure...
Wouldn't Stereovox HDXV do it? Or am I missing something?
I do not know what HDXV is but my DVD player is about 6 years old and y TV is about 4 and component is all they have...
component or composite?

Look Phil, the HDXV cable is about $100 each and what it is, is a video/digital audio cable.

It has RCA terminations that are screwed onto the BNC termination on both ends. So what will end up happening when the RCA comes off on one end- it becomes an RCA-to-BNC cable.

In case of HDXV cable though, you'll need to buy 3 of those, end up being costing you $300.

Is that kind of cable the one you're talking about?
www.bluejeanscables.com They will custom build anything you want with good cable.

I found the manual online and it is indeed a composite and not a component but I will be using a component cable with it as I already know it will work and have a very nice Audio Note cable for my sound.

What would be the reason to use this? Is the sound better than the RCA jacks on back? Where would you plug composite in?

I obviously have not read up on video stuff so using the component cable for video seems to make sense.

thanks for the info

all the best
What would be the reason to use this? Is the sound better than the RCA jacks on back?

Single-ended digital audio cables are supposed to be 75ohm. BNC is supposed to be a true 75ohm cable vs RCA, where it is and sometimes it isn't a 75ohm cable(depends on who you ask...lol). That's what you want in both the composite video and digital audio cable. It's supposed to be what they say it is, a 75ohm cable....just remember that.

Stereovox HDXV or their new cable, XV2, is a digital audio cable but it can also be used as a video cable.
The advantage of it is that it has excellent connectors and it is a good cable for the money.

The purpose of this cable is:

As a digital audio cable from transport to DAC.
If both the transport and the dac have RCA digital out, you would use it with its RCAs in place.

If one of the components has BNC and another has RCA, you can take the RCA off on one end and it becomes a BNC to RCA. In this configuration, in your particular scenario, YOU would utilize it as a component video cable RCA-to-BNC, or BNC-to-RCA, whichever way you want to call it, but you would need 3 of these cables.

RCAs come off on both ends of the Stereovox cable, so you can also have it as BNC-to-BNC.

The connectors are very, very solid and they are nothing like the adapters you bought from radioshack.

Just research this a little further, make sure you clearly understand what you need and what you're trying to achieve.

If you need more info, you can e-mail me directly.

But please visit http://stereovox.com/xv2.html

You can also give them a call and explain your particular set up to make sure this cable is what you need, but as far as I understand, I think this is it.
I think we got it, but if it is still confusing, take pic of the back of the tv and back of the dvd player and e-mail me. I'll tell you in a second what you need.