Where to back up my library?

I am slowly moving into the brave new world. (no reference to Steve Miller to give you an idea of my age!).
Anyway--I have an AK240 loaded with high res music downloaded from sites like HD Tracks and Apple (converted to AIFF). Storage is on my MAC.

My intent is to add a "server/streamer/storage" unit like the Aurender  N100H to my home stereo. (I have recently added an Audio Alchemy DDP-1).

My question is--can high rez music be safely stored on the cloud or similar? I would like the added safety as well as the future ability to stream it to either the AK 240 or the Aurender.
I have a Bluesound Node 2 as my streaming device. But, not unlike you, I was worried about backing up all my digital files I play with the Node 2. I opted for a Western Digital MyCloud 4tb NAS device. This acts as your own personal cloud (basically a HDD you own in your home) that you can save/share files through your own network. Easy to use and can backup any of your files on an additional HDD connected to the Cloud NAS. Works great and is very versatile.
Also the MyCloud is unlike a Cloud service that one pays a monthly fee to use. You own this device. And additionally, if one buys the Aurender, the digital storage is in that device not stored on an external HDD. If the Aurender crashes or becomes obsolete, your music is on the device!!!
I am using a Synology 214-play with two 4 TB drives in a hybrid RAID configuration. Those two drives are also backed up via Amazon Glacier's cloud service, its about $6 per month for my storage with is thus far around 640 GB. It can be bit slow to backup but it's good peace of mind for sure.
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