Where to audition headphones in NYC ?

Hi all

Any place to audition AKG and Beyer Dynamic headphones in new York city ?
I would check B&H Photo. That's where I bought my AKG 702's. Since they cater to studios, they have pretty much all headphones. Their prices cannot be beat.
Once you figure out what you want, watch prices online on BH and Amazon. The prices fluctuate like crazy. I got my AKG's for $287 and they're currently $349. Try to be patient and check every day.
J&R has best prices that often FAR better than amazon or ebay. Also largest choice of headphones you can ever see.
I know I should check constantly between bh and jr but I'm having tough time decide just based on user opinions between AKG k701 and Beyer dt990 600 ohm.
Do either bh/jr have floor samples to audition ? [I'm from overseas coming to NYC for a few days early october].
Brookstone carries much of the Beyerdynamic line, check to see if the NYC store has them to demo, they didn't at the store here.
I'm not sure if you can test drive them. Ill try and call them tomorrow and let.you know.
I find it interesting that when I was auditioning headphones I had access to a good number of brands, and I decided on the AKG 701s by a wide margin. Since then, until I have read this thread, it seemed everyone else likes Beyer Senns etc. So do try to listen for yourself it surprised me how many people thought so little of the AKGs, I still think they are great so try them too.
Icorem. B&H said that they have about 30 models you can listen to at the store. The person told me they had 4 different AKG models and 4 Beyer Dynamics as well as Sennheiser's and others. I hope this helps.

Enjoy your trip. NYC is always a good time.

Thanks so much. I hope they have the models I'm after on floor.
given the choice, would't it be better to audition headphones

in one's own stereo system ?