where to add damping fluid on a vpi jmw10.5i

hi dont mean to be stupid but where do you add damping fluid on a jmw 10.5i tonearm,, this is my first one..always owned turntables that had sme arms.the tonearm setup manual tells you nada....
lift the arm off the spindal, and there is a well area where the spindal sits. You add it in there.
Harry's manuals, when present, leave a lot to be desired. VPI depends on the dealer network to do the 'heavy' lifting.
Damping may not be beneficial at all. After you set up your table and cartridge with no fluid in the well, add only 1 drop of the oil at a time....then listen. If the sound becomes cleaner, clearer, with more depth and air, add another drop, etc. When the sound becomes poorer, remove a bit of the oil with a Q-tip, and listen again. This adjustment takes time and you very well might be exhausted when you finish.