Where stands the music of Chet Baker with you?

I could say much from my own thoughts, but if you give a damn about this subject, I would like to hear of your own thoughts and listening history on the music of Chet Baker.

Please no cliche', "he is no Miles Davis" non-self thought.

And no need to apoligize for being black or white...another Jazz cliche'.
Agree with Elizabeth....marginal talent at best...his singing is painful...overrated IMHO
great, one of my fav trumpet players. If you like Chet & you havn't heard Chet Baker Trio, Chet's Choice (1985) w/Phillip Catherine on guitar you're in for a treat. I just discovered it & it's been one of my recent favs.
He was one of my favorite artists.I enjoy his minimalist approach to singing as well.I think I enjoy his later performances (after the loss of his teeth} the most. His tone was so haunting and his story so tragic!!!
if you have a taste for the macabre, his posthumous autobiography is not to be believed--he was one twisted dude. also check out the documentary, "let's get lost', which is really powerful and sad. as for his playing and singing, i like much of it--as others have stated he's technically limited, but buconero's "lyricism" comment registers. like elvis, he made too many records--alot of his mid-period "soft jazz" stuff sounds like elevator/bar mitzvah music, but his ballads and boppier stuff still sounds good.