Where should I put new Furutech GTX-D Rhodium outlet?

My system has two 15 amp circuits (same leg), one is dedicated outlet for my Classe CT-2300 Power Amplifier that powers my Focal-JMlab L&R Utopia Be speakers via Morrow Audio SP 6 cables. Current outlet is Gaofei Red Copper.

The other 15 amp circuit powers the rest of my system, but the target outlet there is duplex shared by my Classe CT-SSP and my Fosgate Signature Phono Stage. Interconnects between all three of these components are top level silver Anti-Cables. All two channel listening is done in analog bypass. Current outlet Gaofei Rhodium Plated Red Copper.

So I am looking for advice (opinions) on which of the two outlets replaced with the Furutech would provide the most improvement to my system.

Thanks in advance for any response!


I've had a lot of experience with all sorts of A/C power cords, connectors, outlets, fuses.  One thing I have found is that amplifiers are, generally, less sensitive to elements/changes on the A/C line -- when compared to preamp/source equipment.  That doesn't mean that A/C upgrades won't help amplifiers -- they definitely will.

That being said, it looks like you have an un-plated copper outlet on your amplifier and are using the Gaofei Rhodium-plated for your source equipment.  I would move that Gaofei Rhodium over to the amplifier outlet (or just switch which outlet your amp is plugged into).  I would use the Furutech GTX-D Rhodium for the preamp/source equipment.  I have found that Furutech puts a lot into their plating and metallurgy with regards to how the item will sound.  It's definitely expensive, but it's worth it for the subtleties that Furutech can reveal.

Be prepared for a 250+ hour burn-in time for the Futurech Rhodium plated stuff before they sound their best.  It may get really bright/harsh between 100-200 hours (be patient!)

Thanks auxinput,
I appreciate your response, the Furutech arrived a couple days ago and is currently on the freezer. I'm thinking about replacing the Gaofei Rhodium with this one as you suggested, then just taking some time to assess that one change before deciding my next move.
Thanks again,