Where's The Volume?

Looking for suggestions in getting more volume out of my Vinyl.  When I play a CD at normal listening I usually have my volume set at 45 - 50 (readout is numerical 1 - 99), but when I switch to my turntable, I find I must increase the volume output to 60+ (the odd LP like some Blue Note discs sound great at the 55 level).  Listening to The Beatles White Album last night, I had to crank the dial to 70 in order to enjoy the album.  I'm thinking I shouldn't need to push my amp to 70% capacity to hear the music?   Components are: Thorens 206 turntable, Ortofon Q Black MC cartridge, Vertere Phono 1 preamp, Hegel H590 integrated amp, all good quality cables, Acoustic Zen speakers.  The Vertere is already set at maximum gain.  Suggestion that won't break the bank.  Thanks.
dill1,550 posts07-05-2021 3:53amUse the dip switches inside your phono preamp to increase the gain of the output to the input of your integrated amp.

https://www.vertereacoustics.com/phono-preamps advises they are easily accessible from the underside of the unit.

Well worth checking your settings as it is possible they are all off: https://images.squarespace-cdn.com/content/v1/5d960e4e02785c6b189242d9/1601405700206-MFDR9X7TIYNOYVO2RLUG/PH12Gain03n.jpg

Easily switched with the tip of a pen!

...funny, I've no knobs with numbers....except, of course, the ones on the padlocks on my straitjacket....
  • MM vs. MC Phono Cartridges Explained [Illustrative Guide ...https://vinylrestart.com/mm-vs-mc-phono-cartridges-explained

    There are, however, phono preamps that are designed to be used with both MM and MC cartridges. These phono preamps have adjustable settings that need to be set to match the signal level and output impedance of the cartridge used. You can read more about MM and MC phono preamps in my MM vs MC Phono Preamps …

    • Estimated Reading Time: 9 mins

    • This might not apply to you but here is what happened to me. I too was having issues with the volume from my turntable. I had to turn volume up all the way and still had very low volume. I adjusted the gain on my phono pre amp and the distortion was bad so had to move that back. I then removed the cartridge to check the connections and that let me discover the issue. The stylist was not fully connected into the cartridge. I pushed on it, it snapped into place and volume was restored to levels on par with everything else. Check to make sure tour set up is sll correct.
      You have to understand *all things phono* to know what’s going on vs AUX sources.

      Vinyl recording levels vary GREATLY.

      Cartridge outputs vary GREATLY!

      Phono preamps vary GREATLY!

      Get a new phono preamp, or get a higher output cartridge. Or, get a variable gain phono preamp.