Where's The Volume?

Looking for suggestions in getting more volume out of my Vinyl.  When I play a CD at normal listening I usually have my volume set at 45 - 50 (readout is numerical 1 - 99), but when I switch to my turntable, I find I must increase the volume output to 60+ (the odd LP like some Blue Note discs sound great at the 55 level).  Listening to The Beatles White Album last night, I had to crank the dial to 70 in order to enjoy the album.  I'm thinking I shouldn't need to push my amp to 70% capacity to hear the music?   Components are: Thorens 206 turntable, Ortofon Q Black MC cartridge, Vertere Phono 1 preamp, Hegel H590 integrated amp, all good quality cables, Acoustic Zen speakers.  The Vertere is already set at maximum gain.  Suggestion that won't break the bank.  Thanks.

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This might not apply to you but here is what happened to me. I too was having issues with the volume from my turntable. I had to turn volume up all the way and still had very low volume. I adjusted the gain on my phono pre amp and the distortion was bad so had to move that back. I then removed the cartridge to check the connections and that let me discover the issue. The stylist was not fully connected into the cartridge. I pushed on it, it snapped into place and volume was restored to levels on par with everything else. Check to make sure tour set up is sll correct.