Where's the talk/reviews on the Emotiva UMC-200?

At $599 (ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!) direct from the manufacturer (that's right,..no middleman mark up), Emotiva has a standalone DTS Master/Dolby HD audio 7.1 preamp processor, AND I DON'T HEAR ANYONE TALKING ABOUT IT HERE!Why is that?...
There are surely threads on which AV receiver (yawn) is being used, or which should I buy, this and that. But there's not a hint of talk about what should otherwise be a superior performance option in the Emotiva budget separates!? Again, why is that?
I am personally one who would never spend $1500+ (and would only look to pay $100-250 on one, if I absolutely had to) on a brand new AV receiver, which is likely sonically compromised, in many aspects, for my money. Basically, I want to spend as little as possible if I go the AV receiver route for my system, and would MUCH RATHER spend on quality separates based performance, ESPECIALLY at only a few hundred dollars in cost!
So, here's this Emotiva $599 as advertised processor, and I here nary a word about it...anywhere! I might have seen one brief review in a magazine. But, I see nothing from the faithful here!
Anyone used, heard, demo'd, or have any input on this UMC-200 piece from Emotiva? Any comparisons to other gear you've owned, as for functionality, digital audio sound quality, video up-scaling or pass-through quality, reliability, and so on??? Is this thing the same as the originally offered UMC-1 at same price? I heard that one had lots of bugs and problems??
Anyway, I want to hear from those hear on their thoughts and experiences with this thing, and why isn't this apparent "bargain" of an item being discussed? ...or does most everyone here still think that your standard Chinese built AV surround receiver will offer the same level of performance as what you'd expect from higher end esoteric separates electronics?
Whaaatteeerrrryyyaaall comments here?
Audiooracle said:

"Here is a news flash, factory direct usually means these products will not compare favorably against the better brands, or they could afford to price their products 20% higher and get a dealer base."

Where do you get your information? Many companies are going factory direct today in order Keep costs down to the consumer, that doesn't mean it's low quality. Case in point, I own some Odyssey Audio equipment and their stuff has been very well reviewed and sounds wonderful.

Sanders also sells factory direct and they also have garnered many fine reviews. There are many other companies that do this as well. My Odyssey amp that I paid 1700.00 for new and built to my particular wants and needs easily blows away amps in the 4K range.

Don't be so quick to diss Emotiva, They offer a lot of bang for the buck and their equipment does not sound cheap by any means. At one time, I had their XDA-1 dac in my system and it sounded great. I paid 299.00 for it. I replaced it with a Wyred4sound DAC-1 (another direct internet company) and although there was a difference, there certainly wasn't a 700.00 difference as the Wyred dac sells for 999.00.

I see direct sales via the internet to be in all of our future.
AudioCurcle wrote: "A dealer friend of mine says this new Nuforce piece sounds more like a $3-4K processor than its $1,095.00 price will dictate."

I have a news flash for you, AC, the NuForce is a re-badged UMC-200. Basically, for you, if it doesn't cost enough it can't be any good. You are clueless, homes...


Odyssey is one of the rare companies, but there stuff isn't as cheap as Emotiva.

Have you heard the Sanders? They beam like crazy, are low in sensitivity, have to be bi-amped and are large and ugly speakers, thanks but no thanks. The press is full of crazy reviews, like $30k single driver systems with no real bass, or treble.

As per everything being factory direct try purchasing a Porsche direct, the factory direct model is only good for cheap products and cheap buyers, people who want quality will save their pennies and buy good gear. Most people want to compare their prospective purchase to the well established players if Emotiva was really competitive they would offer their line to dealers and raise prices by about 20% their gear would still be cheap, but at least you could really do a fair comparison.

Emotiva is good cheap gear, not good gear cheap, if you look at their pricing even factory direct they can't be using particularly great parts, on most of their models.
I have an Emotiva Umc-200 that replaced an oppo 105 just for analogue processing(see threads). The oppo had extreme high end sound that hurt the male mevado sound. At almost a third of the 105, the umc-200 kills the 105 and other processors 2-3 or even four times the price. End of story.
I thought it had similar pre-amp sound qualities to that of what you would find in any midpriced to higher priced receiver with the benefit of being able to add a better power amp, and more flexibility to upgrade. You would be hard pressed to hear any sonic differences between it and most mid-fi receivers. It had a detailed, but more forward sound. I also compared the outlaw in the same price range. Similar quality, but sound wise much more dark and laid back. Not bad, but different.

Now own a marantz av 8801 and the sound difference is significant. More powerful bass, that same detail but a bit warmer.

That said, I'd get the emotiva and or outlaw (depending on your sound preference) along with a nice used or even new amp any day of the week over a receiver. Get one of those and a nice used $500 or so 5 channel amp and it will sound better with more upgrade options than any 2k receiver.