Where's the info on new ACI sub?

I'm in the market for under $1000 sub. I've been hearing ACI has a new one. I checked their website and couldn't find it. No body answers the phone at ACI on Saturday. Anybody know anything about this sub? TIA
Under $1000? Only one I know about is the Quake. Other than that, don't know. I tried their website too. They have a support forum at HD or SMR. I'll have to do some digging.
They announced it on the SMR support forum a few days ago. The direct page link is

Sounds like a very cool sub! You might want to also read the thread on SMR and there is also one at HD where Mike D has been answering questions about it.
The new little sub sounds nice. I recently built an ACI Titan II. The parts cost $580 at the time, but are $620 now I belive.
With some time and effort the box is not too hard to build and the result is stunning!

Be sure to give the sub its break in time, but after about 6 hours I noticed a huge improvement.
I'm really interested in this sub. It looks like a perfect candidate for stacking. 3 or 4 should put out excessive amounts of power and still be relatively affordable.
Thanks for the input. The initial info looks promising. I'm waiting to hear more and see pictures. I did talk to a fellow at ACI who said it is brand new and just getting into production. He said they'd already been getting a lot of calls on it and wished he knew more to tell people. The impression I got was that it was pretty close to a Titan II LE but wouldn't play quite as loudly.
Just noticed that ACI finally has a picture up of this sub. Pretty cool looking!