where's the best difference?

I've been playing around trying to think of the best value change (if I am to make one).I listen to soft rock, blues and some jazz. I would like to find more definition and resolution WITHOUT spending an arm and a leg. I've done a lot of improvement thru, vibration control (Bright Star & Cable lifters), room tuning (Michel Green's Room Tunes) and power correction (Shunyata Venom Defender). I was thinking of a change of my balanced cables (Grover Huffman SX) from my integrated amp to cd with Grover Huffman's Empress cables or would a worthwhile change be to get the Audience AR2p conditioner. Would either of these choices make a significant difference? Or should I go a very prudent way and invest in the Ayre Irrational but Efficacious CD?
Right now I don't have funds to change my Classe CAP 151 integrated (and I want to stay integrated) and my CD is ARC CD 3 Mk 2 is feeding Apogee Slant 6 speakers thru Grover's Silver Ribbons. What ever I do I want it to make a difference that I can hear not just a subtle change trying to hit the next level of performance (and yes my system does sound real good to my ears). Could you help me with your input please?  Thanks in advance.
FWIW the single largest improvement in definition and resolution I made was taking care of the room interactions using room treatments. Those improvements alone took me to a whole new level. Just saying!
For a cheap tweak, but I'll admit for a fuse... really? Synergistics Research Black fuses impressed me. Try them on your existing gear and give them plenty of time to burn in. 30 day money back guarantee from all vendors. You have nothing to lose. Throw your old fuses back in and you just might be amazed. If you decide to try them out, don't save a few bucks trying the Red fuses instead; the Blacks are hands down worth the money. Dedicated AC lines and good receptacles are a must as well.
Room treatment money well spent imo 
the biggest difference brings a recording itself.
Investment in isolation and power conditioning is my 1st suggestion. I will add that a detachable power cord for the conditioning unit is very worthwhile as cable technology and materials will continue to evolve and allow you to select for synergy as time goes on. The enhanced quietness, detail and dynamics cannot be obtained by speaker placement or room treatment; although they are both very beneficial.
Good Receptacles I would suggest furutech GTX D NCF(R) you will be shocked how much the sound can change, for the better ofcource 

much will depend upon your location, are you in an apt in one of our major U.S. cities (on the grid)? Or, are you in a suburb/country-side?
2nd note;

you have a nice system, I love those Slant 6 speakers.
Moving up the cabling chain will always provide a rewarding experience.