Where's Slappy Been Lately ???

I am getting bored with the same ol', same ol' responses, even from myself. I could use a little ol' Slappy to brighten up my holiday cheer. I haven't seen any recent posts by Slappy so I am wondering what happened to him.

Please post your response to where's Slappy been lately.

BTW, my guess is that he found a new girl who loves his big 10" record of his favorite blues!!
Put the crossbow and your rifle away for a while !!
Slappy's lurking. He's waiting for the perfect moment to hit us.
Yall musta missed the "my center channel sounds muted" thread he posted not long ago,,
Maybe he has his head in,,, a speaker? lol
Maybe he's got his ''groove'' back on with that somebody special for the holidays and listening to some music !!!!
He's vacationing in Europe with blonde twins he hooked.
Yeah, I miss him too. I think he's really Artie Lang.

Slappy is actually Artie Lang?

That could mean he's in some serious gambling debt and might be in hiding from the Jersey knuckle crackers.

The Slant-Headed One
The Slapster has been around. Watching. Knowing. Waiting.

LOL. Been somewhat busy. I got xferred to another department at work, and damnit, i actually have to do stuff. No more "Maytag repairman" job for the ol slap.

Been spending a bunch of time looking into starting a business. Here at the mile high there are plenty of rich bastards who do not trust salesman at the local electronic superstores, yet they crave to have a wicked HT rig.

Ive been getting my ducks lined up to start some free-lance HT consultation and installation. Im not going to be obligated to use any specific brands, and will not work on comission but flat fees. Nothing too major because i already have a 12-8 job, but smaller work to get my feet wet. See the kind of work that is out there, and if i feel i am passing on too many large jobs then i might try doing it full time.
Ive ran hundreds of miles of cabling in my time, and after remodeling my entire house, there aint much i cannot do with drywall/framework/tile/electrical/painting.

I've always envied those who have a job they are passionate about and enjoy. My current job isnt bad, but i really dont like the corperate life. It is no fun having other people determine your fate and pass judgement on you by metrics alone without ever meeting you.

SO, i love stereo gear, low-fi, mid-fi, hi-fi, i love it all. I also enjoy tearing things apart, fixing things, and installing things.

nothing feels better than to do something and do it right. To have the finished product and know it is quality work.
if mom knew who my friends were......who's Artie Lang?
he's had so much time on his hands lately he's been wondering why frequency charts are graphed the way they are? Why he wants to know is beyond me. he may be incarcerated for seeing just how fast his new ride will actually go?
It's probably a woman who has him tied up literally is where he has been.
Slappy was having computer problems, and bartered with Bill Gates. His Audio Knowledge for a new computer. I think Slappy as Bill's new Audio/Video Guru may be MIA in Mr. Gates 50,000 Square Foot home running from room to room slaming doors trying to find an exit? Or worse he may have caught by Mrs. Gates, then Slap-napped as her new Boy Toy of a Love Slave??? Yuck!!!
Thanks for showing up Slappy !!
Good luck with your career search, and stay postal(ing) !!
After all this time when I started this thread back in 12-04 I finally realized who Slappy really is - he is the most interesting man in the world. Stay thrustie my friend!
Darn skippy.

Wow... been a long time!
Heeesssss Alive !!!!
Slappy- it's a miracle! You're back!

Okay, now make me laugh my ass off like you used to every week or two!

How's the car? What's going on with women? How's your system?