where's ernie? and his power cords

was my question as I was ready to buy one of his power boxes (and if you are not familiar with him.. look him up under subaruguru)... I was able to get his e-mail and he told me that he isn't allowed to advertise any longer due to a new a'gon policy of limiting a seller to only 4 items? Doesn't he only have two? (cords and boxes?)...

In any case, I was able to get something from him but with all his great feedback I am wondering if there is anything we can do to get him back to offer his products to other a'gon members. Any ideas/recommendations?
Ernie Meuner's (?sp) member moniker is "Subaruguru". You can send him an e-mail though member lookup.
Ernie should register as a "Commercial Seller" with Agon, that way he can list as many items as he want to, I think.
about the commercial part... not sure what his margin is as his products are pretty inexpensive. i'd hate to have to see him raise prices to pay for a'gon advertising but maybe he'll have to go that way.
Hi Folks!
I've been busy playing Beethoven Sonatas, seakayaking, and enjoying my first grandchild too much to bother with assembling power cord kits at no profit for fellow A'goners.
But now that I've moved this workshop to the basement I see that I still have a bunch of great starquad all-Teflon cable, and especially tons of Hubbell's best duplexes. If anyone wants a PC or duplexes let me know. Nothing like a $40 cryo'd Hubbell for $10, eh?
My SubaruGuru/Boston biz slowing down too, so I hope to be getting back to listening through my system again.
Ernie Meunier
781 483-3922