where's all my power going?

recently purchased a fabulous mc 402 and a levinson 320. i've got a arcam fmj cdp and revel f30's. i'm not sure what's up, but were peggin the 400 limit on the mc 402 and that doesn't seem right. until the mapleshade amp stand and the mega feet for the speakers comes in, everything is at the mercy of the vibrations. i love to jam and can't believe this amp is working this hard. anybody, anythoughts- thanks brent
You are overdriving something (the preamp probably). Don't know that much about your equipment, but that's my guess.
do you have variable output on your cd player? If so turn it up.
Is there a switch for sensitivity on your output meters? It could be set to a different scale!

Bob Wood
Dont you have different speaker connections that are marked 2 4 8 ohms on the amplifier? If so try a different one? Just a guess?
The amp's meters are calibrated at 4 ohms. The Revels are 6 nominal, dropping to 3. The Arcam FMJ puts out 2.2 vrms, which is a healthy output for any source, and above average in my experience. I would check volume control on the FMJ too just to make sure it's not variable, or turned down.

Also, you can set the Levinson to +18dB on that source (which you may have already done). If it starts to distort at +18, you should NOT use that. Distortion kills speakers. But it's worth a try. Just stop it immediately if you hear distortion. Some sources don't like +18.