Where R U?????

All us regulars are familiar with the “Who R U” thread started by my buddy David. I met my first local audiophile friend last weekend, their aren’t many of us up here, and we have similar taste in music, and gear for that matter too! David is also ‘close’ to me(about 2-3 hour drive) other then that there is NO one, perhaps some of us are closer to each other then we realize. Of course some of us know where each other are, how ever there are many members I don’t know the location of. There are literally NO high fi dealers near me, so it is nice to see/hear a good system, set up by a fellow audiophile, my latest friend is so happy that he is not the only one in this area with this passion. So I am in the Albany, NY area, where are you folks from?
Perrysburg, Ohio (N.W. Ohio) I have the same problems finding Audiophiles etc. Feel free to email me....UH...Anyone........
i am in danville,va. it is on the va/nc border just above duke university,in durham,nc.
I feel kinda dumb with this, it is like an audiophile personal ad, I have no local friends!! Searching for a SWF 18-35 must have seperates and any krell need not respond! But in all seriousness I would like to meet some more local audiophiles, and by the few that have replied I am not alone, good.
Snowy Spokane, Washington, USA.
Portland, Oregon

Tireguy: If you come to Oregon, I could set you up with a SWF 18-35 and great jazz! In the meantime, I have a very good freind in Schenectady that is a die hard audiophile. I don;t think he is your type though.

Calloway: With Duke nearby, you are ALL set! :)

Lak: How far are you away from Canton?
Hi Tim; I'm on the beautiful Oregon Coast. We have three audiophiles here, including myself. I've met two of them, but have yet to meet myself. We have 781 hunting and fishing stores and zero audio stores-- no SWFs either, but at least we have a lot of rain. Cheers. Craig
Im from a small town called Perry in Western NY.40 min. drive south of Rochester and 60 min. drive east of Buffalo.Population 6000.We are surrounded by dairy farms and woods.Tim,we are about 4 hours apart.Glad to hear you had a great time in White Plains.Mark O'Brien (Rogue Audio) tentatively is scheduled to be at "Toys" the end of Jan.I may make the trip.Hope to see you there! :^)
Ogden Dunes, Indiana. I live about one mile from the southern most point of Lake Michigan. I work in Chicago, driving to one of the northwest suburbs everyday.

Thanks :-)) Doug
I am in Hurst, Tx . right in the middle of the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex population 6 million friends that share my interests 0.
Jtinn, Canton is about 3 hours away.
Hey, Tim, I was born in Albany! But come on, it's only a three hour drive down to the NYC area, there's a lot of us here, and I'm sure you can give yourself a good deal if you start to wear out your tires on the trips! I'm in Glen Ridge, NJ, northeast part of the Garden State.
Hey Tim- guess I'm the first Canadian guy to respond tonight- Toronto, Ontario. Been reading lots of your posts over the last year- great to see your passion for audio! I'm kinda lucky- from the balcony of the new Condo, I can see my high-end audio store!! (very bad $$...). Also- luckily I live just a few miles from my buddy Israel Blume- Coincident Speaker Tech. Have 2 sets of very cool modded monoblock tube amps from him, and a pair of Super Eclipse speakers on the way! Lastly- I do also have an audiophile buddy with these awesome monstrous Infinity Beta speakers a 5-minute drive in the other direction. So can't complain- and hey, Audiogon is only a couple of clicks away anytime! Happy holidays everyone.

Hello from Seattle, WA, my home since 1964 after relocating from the Maryland/Washington DC suburbs. Like Craig (Garfish), we've been having a wet winter, and I'm getting laid off from work on Friday, but at least I've managed to upgrade my sound system this past year and will have something to provide a pleasing distraction until spring arrives. Scott Campbell, aka Sdcampbell
Hello,I'm half way between Cleveland and Akron on Rt. 77.It is extremely hard to find local audiophiles!If you are in N. Ohio and looking for another set of ears,please contact me.Tom;440-526-1724 Thanks and Happy Holidays!
Stamford area - Connecticut
I'm from Cleveland,Ohio.Very close to Hopkins airport.Happy holidays.
Austin, TX - No audiophile friends here yet!
Redondo Beach, CA, 15 miles south of Hollywood.
I'm in southern New England. W. Hartford, CT to be precise. Happy Holidays!!!
Greetings from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I live 4 miles from the base of Jackson Hole Ski Resort (aka Teton Village), the best extreme terrain in America. My closest audiophile friends are in Boise, Idaho, 6.5 hours away. I'm guessing there are others here, but none that I have met. We have one great hi fi shop (B&W, Wilson Audio, Thiel, Krell, Meridian, Bryston, etc.) and a lot of wealth here.

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Another Canuck, greetings from Montreal! Quite a geographic cross-section of folks here. There's a number of well known audio manufacturers around here, some decent retailers too. This site has contributed to my enjoyment of music and the associated gear. Thanks to all, and enjoy the holidays.
If you look at a map of California and find Yosemite National Park, I'm at the ten o'clock position in the town of Twain Harte in the beautiful Sierra Mountains. Audiophiles? We don't have no stinking audiophiles. Actually, there are 3 audiophiles that I'm aware of within an hours drive. The closest highend audio shop is over two hours away (unless you consider Radio Shack a high end store). So taking home gear to demo is impossible, and shoping around usually entails a 3-hour trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. SWF 18-35 are available, but is having a full set of teeth a criteria?
I am about half way between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, not far from a little town called Colfax.
I'm on the Canadian border with Quebec in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. The town is Holland with no Post Office, one paved road with little or no traffic noise to contend with! Quiet and beautiful! And NO audiophile neighbors that I know of. I use AudiogoN as my high-end "store" and these forums for valuable info. Happy holidays to one and all.
Hi guys, Clevland OH. Looks like I have a couple people to make contact with!

A couple of friends and I have been lamenting that there is no one around. Maybe we can do some listening sessions.
This was a good idea. My friends are almost all musicians, so we love to get together and have listenning sessions.

Another audiophile would be very welcome! I am the only one in my crowd with this afliction.

Hmm... Once I remember the it took me 1hr 10min to get from the NY City to your place. I was in the damn hurry doing approx. 120mi/hr
So it figures that I'm also close?
Brunswick, Georgia. (The westernmost area of the east coast about an hour north of Jacksonville, Florida.)

The shrimp capital of the world! We also excell in no-see-ums, where we have the mother lode. Please call if you would like to have some imported to your location. Charlie
Yo Tireguy,
Greetings from Albuquerque. It's just about in the middle of nowhere. So you're not from Akron??? Whatsup with that? Don't you have to live in Akron and work for Goodyear (or some other tire company) if you're gonna be Tireguy. How quickly my illusions do get shattered on this website. I guess I'm not the only one...your lack of respondents to the "SWF 18-35 with separates" probably didn't help your illusions either. Good thread, Happy Holidays from audiopath.
Just down the road in Schenectady NY.
Madison, Wisconsin here. There are many hi-end shops in the local area but it seems it was not till the net and dialogs like those on Audiogon did I realize where the buyers are located. I have used the Zip Code search on Audiogon and the Used Equipment by Location on Audioweb to buy items from local people, many of which have been long term audiophile contacts.
Central Florida but moving to New Hampshire next year. No hi-end stores in the Orlando area but a great one (House of Stereo) in Jacksonville. About 130 miles.
Columbus,Ohio...about 9.7 miles from the Ohio State campus.
denver, colorado. lots of highend manufacturers nearby: avalon, boulder, jrdg, ps audio, ayre, green mountain, dunlavy, edge, among others. and lots of fellow travelers with whom i regularly and happily communicate. 'course it doesn't hurt either that my audio dealer is one of my very best friends. -kelly
Henderson, Nevada Which is located a few miles from Las Vegas.
Raleigh, North Carolina. This is a pretty neat area for audio and live music of all types. There are several good, long-time high-end dealers in NC, in addition to VAC, Cary Audio, Soliliquy.
Where much of the music is created.
Seasons Greetings to All,
I am from Atlanta Ga. We have several High-end stores here,(we even have an Audiophile Club) but many brands still not available. One of my best buddies shares my obsession. Audiogon is great source of entertainment for me, as well as a place to buy and sell gear.
Charlotte NC. Actually I'm a transplant from Brooklyn NY. I know a few "philes" and there are hi-end shops as well. Have a great Christmas and a safe New Year.
Well if nothing else we are diverse! Glad to hear from so many. David I drive fast and I think I could make it out in 3 hours! as long as I don't run into the fuzz......again:( I was making great time down to white plains and then out of NO where a nice law enforcement officer had an oppertunity to introduce himself to me, we had a long chat and parted friends ;) But that is another story all together I had to beat him to death with his own shoes!
Just west of Sacramento in Davis, California.
Okotoks Alberta (just south of Calgary). Have thoroughyly enjoyed my last 2 years here. Seasons Greetings and a safe holiday wish for all members and their respective families!
Just a stone's throw from Albany, if you have a very good, arm, but the mountains are in the way. South Shore of Montreal, P.Q. You should try to make it up here for the Montreal Jazz Festival. Your big Yankee dollar goes a long way up here. Keep Canada green, bring money.
Have a great holiday season.
Metairie LA, right outside New Orleans
I Live in beautiful Loveland, Ohio. It's a small suburb on the north end of Cincinnati.
Try finding a high end audio shop in Fargo, North Dakota...:-)
This place is great. Learned a lot and have met some very nice people.
Checkin in from Oakland California, just 9 minutes east of San Francisco, where a SWF is about as rare as an audiophile without upgrade fever.