Where next with the tonearm


I'm a newbie here so Hi All.

I'm in the middle of upgrading my front end. It's currently a VPI SSM/ JMW9/ Ortofon Cadenza Black going through a Whest PS.30R/ Ayra K-5xe pre/ Bryston 4B SST though a pair of Acoustic Energy AE1 Mk3 loudspeakers. The system sounds great since upgrading my older Tranfiguration Spirit 3 to the Cadenza Black.

I was wondering if the VPI would benefit from the JMW10.5" as I have a good friend that can modify the plinth to handle it or would it be wiser to look at another 10.5"?

I've thought about the new TW Acoustic 10.5" but I have no idea how good it is and what sort of mass it is. I'm hoping to get the new Ortofon A90 at some point before they run out, so need a pretty med/high mass tonearm.

The overall sound is a lovely wide, deep and warm soundstage and very detailed BUT I know that the tonearm is holding things back as I have heard what a 10.5" can do over the 9".

Thanks for your help.