Where next after Eico HF-12's?

I can't seem to break away from these little Eico HF-12's. Mating them with my Reynaud Twin Signatures makes an incredibly inexpensive yet musical system. As the upgrade bug has caught me over the past few years, I've tried other amps. 47 Labs Shigaraki, Rogue Cronus, and some other vintage tube and solid state amps. In all cases, I always returned to the Eico's. My question is this: what do I need to spend to make a significant leap in sound quality? Is it possibly under $2000? I realize the subjectivity of this, but has anyone here been able to happily replace their Eico?
If you're happy with the Eico's, why do you feel the need to upgrade? What do you think you're not getting? That will help you determine where to go next. Frankly, if it's musical and you love it, then spend your money on software, go to more concerts, learn to play an instrument... lots of better ways to spend money if you're already getting great enjoyment.

I've never gotten rid of my Eico HF-81, altho these days its relegated to my bedroom system. It's been in my family since 1958, refurbished by me a few years ago, and still sounding wonderful with a pair of (non-signature) Twins. Good choice, I think!

But if you want slam, or big orchestral stuff, or the intimate whisper that SE systems can give you... then you might want to explore alternatives. I'd start with speakers, if I were you. Find a pair you love, do some auditioning, go to some hi-fi shows or local club meets. Listen to different types. I love electrostats, and that's where I ended up for my main music system. But maybe horn speakers will float your boat. Or the excellent time-aligned speakers of Roy Green at GMA. Find your passion, then build the rest of your system to complement.

Anyway, that worked for me. And don't sell your Eico/Reynaud stuff! You may just find that regardless of what you spend you still get great enjoyment from the same system.

Just my $.02. Hope this helps!

That's a fair response Frank. A musical connection is the most important aspect for me (I'm a classical pianist). That said, I suppose I really like my system, but I wonder how much better it can get. I'd kind of like something similar in sound, simply more of it.

Basically, something that does what the Eico does, only better.
Have you tried rolling various nos tubes? Can give you more of what you're looking for.