Where is you money at latest reissues Audiophile pressings or higher end audio equipment.

I was just over at a friends house over the weekend and was shocked at the amount of new reissued LP box sets he has purchased. We aren't talking a few but several thousand dollars worth at the low end of my assessment. His system is modest $500. Table cartridge combo. Home made speakers a single fostex driver being driven by SET intergrated 2 watt amp.
We listened to some of the reissues and I must say they sound wonderfull on his system but what kept coming back into my mind was dude your buying so many how many times will you listen to each one aren't you going overboard. I myself have spent a lot on LPs but my major investment has been in audio equipment.
What is your priority buying infinite amount of music or buying higher end audio with a modest amount of music?
No definitive answer to this situation.  It's whatever works for a particular person.  Also, on the digital side streaming will make the question non-consequential.
I have all the music I need. I'm now only interested in the "Super Fine". Disks that would make Harry Pearson's "Super Disk" list. Of course, I want to buy new music by exceptional new artists (e.g. Sarah Jarosz).
I'd like to acquire premium offerings e.g. Bill Evans MOFI on 45 rpm vinyl but they sell out before I learn about them! 
Moe, the answer to your last question/sentence is the music always comes first. I would MUCH rather have a great music library and a mediocre system to play it on than the opposite. But that's just me. Most hi-fi nuts are also crazy about music, and find a way to have both.
By a certain age, most audiophiles have multiple versions of the same music in different formats. Cassettes, vinyl, CDs and downloads, it's all good! Even in the same format (vinyl), it's hard to resist buying the MoFi version even if you own the same material on the original label. It's just the belief that it may sound different (better, hopefully) than the one you already own. It's no sin and, if you have the means, you just go for it. The same is also true for equipment. How many turntables does a person need? I know a guy who has thirty (yes, thirty). Yikes!