Where is Wright Audio?

Does anyone know what has happened to Wright Audio?
Sadly, George Wright has died and since he WAS the company, it has passed on as well.
According to their website they are located in Eugene Oregon.
Hifiharv is correct. The company ceased operation upon George's death.

I'm listening to one of George's Signature series amps right now. Outstanding product.
I guess the link I posted must have been to a different Wright Audio, since it says "Website Updated January 6, 2010" on the home page.
Correct, John. Different company.
George Wright was Wright Sound. Wright Audio in Oregon is a different company altogether. They also build tube audio components.
Company is kaput. Sadly,I purchased a AU-1000 tube preamp the day after George died. I may have got the last unit before the business closed its doors. This tube pre is unbelievably balanced,airy,tight and punchy all at the same time.Midrange is superb as well. Huge loss.
George's passing represents a true loss to this industry.

Hopefully, the obvious enthusiasm for the components that he built continues to be mirrored in terms of sentimental value people have that stretches far into the future, and his legacy in this hobby only grows.