Where is Timbernation have not heard from him??

Has any one done some business with C.F. of Timbernation recently. I have been waiting a long time for an amp stand. I get his message machine but no call back. I sent e-mail none have been answered. He didn't mention being away. I note that his auctions have stopped as well does anyone know what's up?
Been some complaints about him on Audio Asylum. I'm having a similar problem, although I have received an email from him explaining my delay. He's on a short leash with me right now.

Check out this thread about timbernation,interesting to say the least.
I got an email from him on 1 July after I wrote him regarding a platform that I ordered in early May. He said he would get it shipped on 2 July, but I haven't seen anything yet.
Chris came through. I received my order this morning.
Well, I did receive something from Chris, but it is not what I ordered. I ordered and paid for a platform without legs. What arrived has legs and is not usable. I've written Chris to initiate an exchange for what I actually ordered, but I'd be very careful of ordering anything from him at this point. Clearly something is going on with him, whether it be health or something else, that is interfering with his ability to fill orders.