Where is the weakest link in my system?

Could any of you good folks offer your opinions and guidance on where my weakest link is located? 

Creek Evolution 100a integrated amplifier
PSB Imagine T2 loudspeakers
Creek Destiny DAC board
Creek Sequel MM phono board
Roksan Radius 5mk2 turntable
Ortofon 2M Black cartridge
Bluesound Node 2 digital streamer (via Tidal)
Music Hall WCS-2 record cleaner (Mobile Fidelity cleaner and rinse agent)

Four things to note:

1.  It's unlikely that I can upgrade speaker cable, as it must be run in the wall and already exists.  I installed a good quality 14 gauge cable--but nothing fancy.  

2. My digital toslink cable connecting the Bluesound to the Creek internal DAC is a basic street make/model. 

3. The Roksan has original tonearm wiring and din to RCA external cable. 

4. I enjoy my system but sometimes I feel that it could offer more imaging and high end detail.  I previously had Totem Arro loudspeakers and do miss the huge, seamless holographic picture they cast.  The PSBs have great bass extension and I can't fault them....or should I? 

Would I be best to consider pushing tons of power to the PSBs?  Should I try something like a Prima Luna tube integrated to warm things up?  

I really have no idea.  I will say, however, that each piece above (right down to the Ortofon) has great qualities.  

Constructive opinions and help are super welcomed!

Room treatment!
I'd do what dweller suggests and if I may say, experiment with your speaker placement and direction. You'd be surprised at the improvement made by toeing them in at you more than what you're accustomed to. Immediacy and presence will increase by more than a noticeable margin. 

If brightness, etch and fatigue set in, move them incrementally away from your ears until it settles down. A happy medium should be in reach.

Also, if you're not too paranoid, try leaving your components on 24/7 as that helped a lot with me. :-)

All the best,

Room Treatment, measure room response, (you may have some frequency suckouts below 60hZ), create space between speakers and front wall for increased depth and imaging. Buy a nice chair that fits you and is not too bulky or over stuffed. Enjoy a beverage of your choice with your favorite recording!
All the components you have should provide a very detailed beautiful, dynamic sound. I really think your going to have to order some speaker cables and finish dialing it in that way. Cables are "tone controls" and it sounds like you bought a lot of nice gear and then hooked it up with whatever?  

Matt M
It's hard to say, besides those speaker cables. I would guess that you are up to a serious upgrade not just 'warm things up' and improve high frequency extension. I would probably think of getting a higher class speakers first. In other words, your entire system may be the weakest link for you now. So..why not sell everything with the possible exception of the turntable and start anew?
Your system appears to be well thought out and as such you doesn't really have a weak link.  Getting the most out of your current system can be achieved by careful setup.  Do you have an equipment rack or other vibration isolating devices?  Are you cables in a tangle?  Are your speakers and listening place truly optimized?  Before changing components and spending money it's best to make sure you're maximizing your current setup.  Start will re-checking your cartridge alignment.
Thanks for all the responses. 

Everyone got me thinking...

Believe it or not, I totally forgot how I ordered extra bung port plugs upon purchase of the PSB Imagine T2s.  I had them all out for the last 4 months.  I re-read the Stereophile glowing review of them and they recommended using at least 2 plugs to get the midrange and top end into focus.  Well, wouldn't you have it.....that worked!  

I think that I was so confused with all of the new sound upon making so many upgrades that I gave up on experimenting with the plugs.  

Arguably, I'm now having the problem of finding a happy medium--getting the low and high end at an equilibrium.  The imaging and high end sound way better with plugs in, yet the bass is a little less present.  I'll keep experimenting.  

I can't do to much room tuning/treatment because my system is present in our living room and my wife fancies herself an interior designer. :)

I'm going to enjoy the music and think about changing in a PrimaLuna Dialogue HP amplifier or McIntosh at year's end.  But the Creek is really doing little wrong.  We shall see!

Day 2 post tweaking turntable (VTA, azimuth and tracking force) and tuning speakers with bung ports.  

The midrange and highs have lifted and are crisp, with imaging coming well into focus.  I think the low end was swallowing up my overall sound so much that I felt I was missing something. 

Now, I will say that I still hunger to drop in some serious power and see what these PSBs can really do.  I think the Creek sounds brilliant, but the PSBs give me the sense that they are hungry for even more.  

which brand(s) of cabling are you using?
Cabling, for most systems, is the weakest link.

I'm using generic cabling.  
For the loudspeakers, I'm using good quality in-wall 14gauge wire from monoprice.  The digital coaxial cable is some $20 model.  My turntable has the original Roksan tonearm wire--it's DIN to RCA and not thin junk but nothing high end. 
It seems to me that you have a well balanced system in regards to your active components. I think it would make sense to upgrade your cables. 
This need not cost a fortune. For example I purchased a VDM-3 1.5 M coax cable for ~$50 used off Ebay, type 4 speaker cable with bananas 11’ for $65 used off Ebay, and the a Phono cable for $60, new from dealer. All cables Audioquest. 

Check out the many threads herein regarding budget cables.  There are many quality budget cables produced that I believe would prove a benefit to your system. 

My system does not have any.
Decent imaging is fairly cheap, so may be a setup issue. I would ultimately hedge on dabbling with higher current amplifiers and more sophisticated preamps.
Down a bottle of red wine with each session...it is a cheap upgrade. The music will flow much more coherent ...
@syntax. Totally agree with you. For me...not only more coherent...but also a smoother, mellower and warmer SQ.