Where is the weak chain in my system?

My current system includes ML 31.5 transport; Goldmund 21+ DAC with digital volume control; (no preamp); ARC VT100 MK3 amps; Voce Divina Tenore Speakers; Cardas power cords for transport and DAC; Cardas crosslink speaker cables. It is a living room system for 35ft by 15 ft. I like the sound of my system but could hope for more on warmth and smoothness as well as some more power??? What are your thoughts on which part of the chain is the next target for upgrade and any recommendation on equipments?
Thanks everyone for the input so far. Looks like the cables are the place to start, which I agree since I have been trying some more expensive cables and decided to hold the decision until I find the right one. I tried Transparent Ultra and Cardas Quadlink but they did not make enough difference. I will also upgrade power cords.

As for the preamp, I actually sold my ARC LS-25 MK2?3 (latest model) to upgrade my DAC to Goldmund which I really notice the difference with all other DACs including ML 360S in how sweet, rich and more powerful it was. It had digital volume control and since Goldmund recommended that I go direct, I thought I could get rid of preamp and invest elsewhere. As for analogue, it is an entirely new hobby I think and I am definitely resisting to go there at least until I finish the digital jounrney. BTW, I spent a year building my HT and stopped hardware buying/changing and just watching movies. I am into audio for 6 months only...

I welcom more inputs
Cj, I suggest you consider cables, cords, etc, AFTER tweaking the system as is; only after optimising your present system's operation will you be able to assess the suitability of new components to yr system & musical taste.

Judging by your thread, it may be that you miss the involvement your system -- i.e. the quality to be drawn into the music. Musicality perhaps? Or is it pace & rythm and transient attack (you refer to more "power": but you DO have horsepower, you know...).

As you don't use a pre, first check the Goldmund -- VT100 impedance matching. If it's wrong, you could have anaemic (and "cold") sound coming out of the speakers.

Then, as suggested, check the support under the trans & DAC. The right support may provide dynamics and pace (try using thick granite under the front-end, or a Neuance shelf, or even Darumas). Indeed, do provide good power: dedicated lines are relatively cheap but excellent performers. Speaker placement & room treatment will help with imaging and reflections -- but I expect you have already considered this aspect.

All of this requires little small financial outlay and offers lots of fun -- before you start investing the mega$!

Update on what I did so far:

I talked to my main dealer and got a bunch of accessories and cables to try based on all your suggestions:

1. Symposium Svelt Plate for Speaker: This made the most difference! for me. It was immediately noticeable with more air and better bass, almost like upgrading a new amp or speaker...

2. Harmonic Tech Pro 9 Speaker cables: Maybe a little better but did not notice much difference from Cardas Crosslink I have. I will try Magic and Higher end cables.

3. Perpetual P1A upsampler: Again maybe a little difference, but not much. My friends seemed to prefer the upsampled signal though. I will try Purcell from my dealer.

4. Symposium Rollerblocks/Coupler: Not yet tried.

So, I will keep the Svelt speaker plate and the cables and perpetual goes. I will actually try using the Svelt plate and roller blocks for all my gears and see if they have the same large effect.

Also, will try with power conditioners.

Please keep the ideas and suggestions coming. Thanks

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Tell us about your room! Carpeting, speaker position,
sidewall issues, etc. Ern