Where is the Multichannel Music at?

Hey everyone, so what multichannel music have you enjoyed lately and how did you get it? Stream? Bluray?




I have been scoring concert DVD and BRD at thrift shops and Amazon for under $10 and even under $5 as people are dumping their discs in favor of streaming. I rip the discs to my NAS and am building a beautiful concert collection.

For Atmos music I stream from the Apple Music service via my X-Box Series S. The latest Beatles remaster in Atmos was very good and Oscar Peterson atmos mix of "We Take Requests" was also very good.

The files I have ripped I stream via my Zidoo (which I set to upsample ALL video to dolby vision which can be played on my non DV PJ).

As for SACD I recently got Bob James "Feel Like Making Live"

Bottom line is all of this media is CHEAP, plentiful and excellent SQ.

The exception is the SACD’s, they are hard to find second hand and new ones are $20+ a pop.

Example- Farewell Tour the eagles DVD- New $41

Used Good -$5.59 and amazon prime free shipping- The great thing about these concerts is you can’t go back in time to these dates they were recorded. You can see artists like Sting from tours in the nineties, etc.


+! @kota1

Eagles Farewell Tour DVD is BadA$$!

Another great feature, certain DVD’s can also be set to / played in PCM :-)


I scooped it up at $5,free shipping, can't wait to check it out, thanks.

I will check the PCM feature, I generally upmix the 5.1 soundtrack with the DTS, Dolby or Auro-3D upmixer.

Whatever playback mix you decide on @kota1, you will not be dissatisfied.

Must look into that of which @fuzztone laid down. I’m unaware of them.

Here are some of my favorite multi-channel titles:


Miles Davis - In A Silent Way

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust

Bob Dylan - Blood On the Tracks (original Columbia SACD not Mofi)

Roxy Music - Avalon

Blood Sweat and Tears - Child is Father to the Man

The Who - Tommy

Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon

Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Genesis - Wind and Wuthering

Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed

Blu-Ray Audio

Herbie Hancock - Empyrean Isles / Maiden Voyage

Yes - Fragile

+1 on Yes-Fragile, I have some other Yes remixes on SACD too.

@mksun do you know where to score good deals on SACD's?

@kota1 Unfortunately there aren’t good deals on SACDs these days especially multi-channel titles. I have collected these titles and more over the last 20 years and most are out of print. For still available titles I would check out Music Direct and Acoustic Sounds. Mobile Fidelity still releases new SACDs but they are all two channel. Out of print titles usually fetch a premium price on EBay. It’s a shame this format never caught on.

Thanks, I am very happy with the atmos streaming and new stuff is dropping all the time. Shopping for SACD's is something I'll keep an eye out for though.

For. SACDs try the BIS and Pentatone labels (mainly classical).

Many reasonably priced discs on amazon.

I've seen multichannel music come and go.  I had an acura that had 5 channel sound and played DVD audio.  I had a few of them but they were expensive and soon were no longer made.  

there will be other attempts.  I won't be an early adopter.  Until it is widely available, preferably streamed, I'll be happy with 2 channel.


I second @srinisr 


BIS and Pentatone are expert at Multichannel.  They tend to use the surrounds for ambience and room reflection.  If you want a label that plops you in the middle of the ensemble, try Tacet.

This thread has gotten me more focused on my concert collection. I’ll see if I can get some of the recommendations here. What is the Tacet label?


Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Check out the concert DVD "Elton John: Dream Ticket"

4 discs are included with concerts from MSG in NYC, Ephesus in Turkey, The Royal Opera House in London, and 4 Decades which is clips from throughout his career. He does duos with other performers like Billy Joel, Kiki Dee, Mary Kay Blige, etc. that you won’t find on a CD and the SQ is excellent, great mixes.

DVDFr - Elton John - Dream Ticket - DVD

@lalitk So are all my favoite artists available on Atmos?  And where do I find a high end 5 channel SET?  I assume most people are playing this throught an HT reciever?  I never use my HT reciever for music.  It is good enough for movies but not in the same class as my 2 channel system.  So I won't be adopting soon.  



What artists do you like? Genres? Did you know you can play Atmos mixes in your 5.1 HT setup or headphones? You don't need to install height channels.

Do you have any concert DVD or BRD yet?

If you decide to upgrade your receiver Anthem is having a sale:


“So are all my favoite artists available on Atmos? And where do I find a high end 5 channel SET?“

I don’t know your favorite artists so I can speak to that. How we choose to listen, is a personal preference. You seem to be more focused on gear than music. I equally enjoy music on my two channel as well as multichannel systems. The multichannel music especially live concerts are just as immersive through my modest $2K multichannel system as my Qobuz / local files streaming through my 2-channel system which is well north of $100k.

IMHO, Music recorded in Multichannel format is a different beast altogether. I wouldn’t speak of it in same breath or manner as one experience Movies through a HT receiver.

My HT is the latest generation Anthem (minus the 8k upgrade I haven't gotten yet).  I'm not at a loss for decoding equipment but I just don't really think of music and surround in the same breath. 

BTW, I was involved in motion picture sound equipment manufacturing, operations and installations all the way back to the days of Stop Making Sense and Purple Rain, and I have a number of immersive music DVDs and Bluray disks.  I just don't really pull them out nearly as often as I stream fro Qobuz or Tidal or listen to Jazz.FM

I have a number of immersive music DVDs and Bluray disks

+1, I was in your shoes, then I ripped them to my NAS and got a Zidoo. The Zidoo puts all the concert disc covers up on the screen like a poster wall. Then I set it to output Dolby Vision (which works with any HDR compatible device). Now I'm playing them on the fly instead of digging through my stash:

Zidoo poster wall 2 - biblioteki multimedialne - X20, X20 Pro, X10, X9s ...



I bought a Anthem MRX540 HT receiver exactly a year ago. At that time, they were hard to find and I had to pay retail, $1699. Now Anthem is showing $1899 retail and offering it "on sale" for $1615. Convenient inflation I say!



Any chance for a listen … thee opportunity to sit down and spend some quality time with “The Eagles Farewell Tour?” Or are you gonna continue wasting all them precious man hours / man powers defending that there fortress of yours from “The Evil Emperor Zurg.”



I ordered it and it knocked my shoes off. I did NOT expect it to be better than every Eagles record I ever heard, but it easily was. These guys took their repertoire and elevated it to another level. At the time the video was made I thought they would be caricatures of their former selves. I guess all those years of practicing together paid off. The vocals were particularly surprising that many years later they sounded like it was yesterday. I took some screen shots and will post later today. I got the disc for $5, free delivery!

Five dollars & free shipping what a steal, literally! Picked up my copy back in 2007 if memory serves me correctly, and most certainly I’ve upset a number of neighbors in past years with her, ha. Truly a lights out mix / recording. 

“took some screenshots and will post later today.” sounds great. 


@kota1 @dabel So which surround sound recordings are the ones to use as a reference I keep using Diana Krall In Paris and Chris Botti in Boston for years and they were recorded by the same guy?



Both Tidal and Apple Music have music in Atmos. I would recommend jazz piano (Oscar Peterson in Atmos, Bob James in Atmos, Bill CharlapMonk, etc). You happen to have a live piano to compare to. I like to use acoustic piano solo or trios to fine tune the calibration of my settings after running audyssey. Then to test dynamics I really like Big Band and Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band did a nice Atmos mix on the Gordian Knot.

Here is a channel that I think would be perfect for you.

If you get solo piano/trios right and have dynamics like a big band is in your listening room live you can enjoy pretty much anything.


A few from my modest collection and off the top of my head that come to mind are, Chicago / Earth Wind & Fire (Live at the Greek Theatre), The Police Certifiable (Live in Buenos Aires), and Elton 60 (Live at Madison Square Garden).

I have about 50-60 Blu-ray concerts. In addition to the 3 excellent concerts mentioned above, David Gilmour Live in Pompeii, Pink Floyd Delicate Sound, Keane Live, and the Pretenders Loose in LA are also very good.  Actually there are too many concerts to mention that are excellent.