Where is the line between seller and buyer resp?

I would like some feedback in terms of where the line is between seller and buyer responsibilities when it comes to the sale of high end equipment?? I have recently had been in the position of a seller and after the item/s where shipped with appropriate insurance, the tracking no. provided to the buyer, I have experienced difficulty in contacting the buyers. This is after they have paid for the items. My concern is it seems that is the seller's responsibility to make sure the items are delivered even when the buyer doesn't respond to emails with respect to receipt or delivery. I am not sure how the Audiogon rules attempt to govern this but I have a concern when I ship something and do not get good communication back from my buyer. Hope this makes sense. Members, please let me know what you think and if any of you have had similar issues with buyers? I know that whenever I buy something on Audiogon, I'm anxious to get it and monitor shipping closely until the item arrives.
Etmerritt33, I've experienced the same and reacted just as you are. Half of my sales have resulted in total silence once the component has been received, which is certainly better than an e-mail/call claiming damage, etc, but still the silence ignores an expected courtesy. We're both wrong, and so it goes. Not to worry.
I am on the same page as you. I always return e-mails to confirm receipt and I also like confirmation when I sell.
It's just common courtesy and an honest way to do business.
Integrity and honor are two virtues which inhabit less and less folks.

When I sell, I always ask for, and attempt to obtain, at least a very basic communication stating, the item arrived safely and that they are satisfied with its condition and maybe even its performance (a double edged sword for sure).

When I buy, it goes without saying, that when the item arrives I will contact the seller to inform of its safe arrival. If I install the item right away (many times I do), I will include additional info stating that the item not only arrived but is also working perfectly.

To me its just a matter of (un)common decency.
i guess they fiqure you have your money they have their hifi and thats all she wrote. some people talk on their cell phones in the library, chalk it up to rudeness. however it sure beats a bounced check or any other act of fraud.
I think your on the right track but some purchasers just dont want to become buds. They figure that if they have the product and paid you thats enough. I have sold several products and got no response to if they actually recieved it. Oh well. Perhaps they are just so happy and are involved with using the product that they forget about the seller. Its better than being contacted every day to ask where the product is.
In my opinion, both the buyer and seller should stay on top of things until the transaction has been completed satisfactorily. Whether I'm buying or selling, I like to do everything possible to make sure the transaction goes smoothly for both of us.
Regardless of whether I'm buying or selling, I answer all emails in a timely manner providing any and all relevant information and I make sure the other party knows that I'm available to them should they have questions. I think it is the courteous and responsible thing to do. After all, we are exchanging money and equipment with each other with nothing to base our trust on but the feedback system. I think it is important as well as reassuring to make yourself available throughout the transaction.
Personally, I enjoy the "interaction" with the other person and it's been my experience that they enjoy it and appreciate it as well.
When I buy an item, I ALWAYS send a courtesy email to let the seller/shipper know that it arrived as expected. It's simply good manners.