Where is the classified section?

I've asked this 3 times in another thread and no answered. So I'm starting a new thread. Where is the classified section in this forum? Thank you. 
In addition to folkfreaks post, near the top of the page are different buttons. The "categories" button allows you to search by type of gear. There are sub categories within each category. If you want to search gear by manufacturer, just enter the name in the search bar. If you want to create a classified, hit the "sell" button near the top of the home page. Hope this helps.
btw -- you can also access the classified (audiogon proper) by clicking the down arrow next to the "discussion FORUM" header on this page ... rather oddly it's labelled "the world's largest high end community" which hardly speaks to buying and selling :-)
Ha I was going to answer it's tattooed to my eyeballs apparently! :)
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