Where is the Blues For Allah Vinyl Reissue?

I'm sure there is an answer to why this record has not been given the deluxe vinyl treatment while all of their other studio albums have, but I cannot find an answer via traditional methods (Google).

Anyone know why this one has not seen the light of day?  It's one of their best studio recordings.
Audio Fidelity did it, but it's now OOP.  I missed it myself. I do have the AF Shakedown Street, and think it's very good. I would just seek out an early pressing. I have two copies...,I believe one US pressing, the other Italian. Has to be the only Italian pressing I own (-: I haven't listened to these in a while, so I can't comment. Agree with you that BFA is a great album, easily in their top 5 studio albums. Also love Wake, American Beauty, and Mars Hotel. The latter has a dud or two, but what's good is really good. Unbroken Chain, China Doll, Scarlet Begonia's..... Great songs (-:
GD is re-releasing all the albums in order, on anniversary dates...