Where is the best place to buy Chesky, Sheffield?

I want to get into more of these audiophile cds. Do I do it directly on line with Chesky, Sheffield? Is there a less expensive way to go? Used? Feedback most appreciated. I mentioned Chesky and Sheffied, but am interested in any or all audiophile labels. Thanks in advance.
If you haven't already I would suggest you try elusive disc at www.elusivedisc.com.

I would also look at www.classicrecords.com as they have a great selection of both records and CDs.

Have fun!
And there is also Music Direct, with a wide selection of both CDs and vinyl.
Sheffield and DCC are out of business, so you will most likely buy used. Chesky Cd's are found all over at many stores as those listed above. I personally like the Sheffield Labs sound. I have tried to sell a brand new Dcc cd for a while, and the cd's I did sell went for average price or lower. The market looks soft to me so don't over pay.