Where is the attractive audio furniture?

Just bought a place, and am doing the mid-century thing. In seeking a suitable audio cabinet that not only fit aesthetically, and doesn't look like Audio Gear, it was complex. I came across the Grid cabinet at CB2, and had to drill about 47 holes in it for convection cooling of the amplifiers.


But does anyone know of any style-conscious, audio-friendly furniture? I couldn't find a thing.

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Good thread, I'm closing in on the finish line and a better rack is the last piece, famous last words right! This is something I would really like to see in person. No dealers seem to carry anything that trips my fancy. Would hate to custom order blind. Oh, and none of them are cheap either. The two brands that appear to be reasonably priced and neutral looking enough to be future proof are the Steve Blinns and Timbernation. Any happy owners out there?