Where is the attractive audio furniture?

Just bought a place, and am doing the mid-century thing. In seeking a suitable audio cabinet that not only fit aesthetically, and doesn't look like Audio Gear, it was complex. I came across the Grid cabinet at CB2, and had to drill about 47 holes in it for convection cooling of the amplifiers.


But does anyone know of any style-conscious, audio-friendly furniture? I couldn't find a thing.
If you are looking for "mid-century...audio-friendly furniture," your choices are limited. You can buy a typical open-shelf stereo rack, a home theatre cabinet or hit the antique stores and find a cabinet you like and drill a few holes in the back to make it work. We converted an antique sideboard thirty years ago and still use it today.
Kev have you looked at custom design that are more asian like the Grid?
Try Sanus. They have many different designs, all of which are very audio friendly, and easy to put together.
BDI has a mid-century line called “ERAS”. Also available are matching coffee, end and console tables. BDI make very stylish (IMO) and well built furniture that incorporates some nice AV features. You can find them by clicking the link below:

It is easy to adapt many mid century cabinet units since good ventilation is easy to obtain with the use of laptop cooling units, which are very quite and very effective. Best of all, used furniture is not only less expensive, but of high quality. I collect mid century drexel units and always find adaption very easy.
Go to one of those Danish import stores. The Danish furniture has the mid century modern look and it's very attractive IMO. Also very expensive...

salamander chameleon, many different modern styles, sizes, and it is designed for audio.
I got mine at Ethan Allen. Their stuff is usually solidly constructed and most would probably say attractive or stylish.
If you want period correct furniture you'll have to buy used. Google Barzilay. Their stuff shows up frequently on eBay and Craigslist.
Charles and Ray Eames designed cabinets that might work, and Herman Miller has reissued their George Nelson line. Both are classic mid-century designs. However, I agree with Lapierre, you may have to go to a custom design to get everything that you want.
DWR has an appealing cabinet called the Line Media Console 70. The smaller Line Media Console 35 of half the size is also available. Personally I think they are both very attractive but the design specifics may not optimally match your particular needs.
Finite Elemente racks are not mid-century, but they fit well in modern decor. They are also audio performance oriented and I think one of the best looking "hifi" racks made.
Keep in mind audiofreakgeek is a dealer for the product line he recommended.

An ethical dealer would have made a disclosure.
I had the same problem and had to custom build my own. You just can't go out and buy the perfect stand, size, style ect.
Good thread, I'm closing in on the finish line and a better rack is the last piece, famous last words right! This is something I would really like to see in person. No dealers seem to carry anything that trips my fancy. Would hate to custom order blind. Oh, and none of them are cheap either. The two brands that appear to be reasonably priced and neutral looking enough to be future proof are the Steve Blinns and Timbernation. Any happy owners out there?
I came into the thread obviously late, but I still wanted to respond to it. We are a husband & wife furniture company located in Chicago. Our furniture is geared toward audiophiles - component storage, cord management, LP facing - with a mid-century feel. Please PM me if you're interested in finding out more. Our website is BrokenpressDesign.com. Thanks!
Core Audio Design makes nice stuff.