Where is that guy who sold those Maple Platforms?

There was a guy on Audiogon in the spring of this year that was selling beautifully finished maple platforms with audiophiles in mind. Can anyone tell me who this guy is and where can I get in touch with him on these maple platforms as I would like to purchase one.
This might not be the ad your looking for however I know they sell them.
I believe speakerdude2000 was selling some platforms, he had a ad for some vibrapods yesterday.

Yes, I can not tell a lie, tis I. I was making them as a service to Audiogon members. It was a service because I was loosing money on them. I let the ad go full length, Then I stopped making them. Or so I thought. The orders kept coming in. I am still making as many as I ever was. I guess I will keep on making them for as long as Audiogon members only want them. John
How about some particulars (size, cost, picture, etc) so you can make more. This time charge more so you can buy some more music :)
Maxcast, Thank you for your concern, but I will not raise my prices because as I have said this is a service to Audiogon members. We are all in this together Right? I mean we have some very knowledgeable people here on Audiogon who give tirelessly of themselves. Sharing their insight and experiences and solving problems for everyone. People like Bob Bundus, Sugarbrie, Zaikesman, Clueless, Fat Parrot, Sean, Tireguy, the list goes on and on. Forgive me if I left someone out but time, space... I will quote you prices if you E-mail me but I will not use this discussion forum to launch an ad. Please forgive me again if I left anyone out but my memory is about as long as my... well you know. Thank you everyone, John
That is very noble of you. Keep up the good work. Email on the way.