Where is my weakest link?

My system consists of Rotel front end (rdv1080 dvd,rsp976 pre/pro.) The amp is a B&k 5000 and the speakers are Paradigm Studio 100's with other paridigms throughout. I use the system for both HT and music. Movies sound good but I need a good upgrade for 2 channel lisening.I am thinking of trying the Music Fidelity A324 to get that extra little something out of the the stereo music I listen to. Any help would be greatly appreciated. BTW I am using all PS Audio power cords and Sinergystics and Straight Wire interconnects. Again thanks for listening.
IMO, the amp is your weakest link. B&K is strictly middle-of-the-road stuff. Some will think I am beating a dead horse here, but check out the powerful and fast Odyssey Stratos amp at odysseyaudio.com. There you will see the amp and some excellent reviews from top rated sources.

And it's only $1000.

Secondly, you may want to consider selling all things greater than 2-channel in your system (except for the dvd player). With those additional monies, you can get some pretty good used 2-channel equipment that will sound much better with movies than a mediocre (not that your's is) home theater system.

-IMO (as always)
I agree, I would say the amp is the weekest link. Musical Fidelity would be a good choice for 2 channel amplification. Also, a dedicated CD player would do you really well..
Definately the amp... Try an Aragon 8002 or 8008 and a
3 channel for theater use...
Check out my system on virtual system.. titled
2 channel heaven plus home theater...
you will see what i mean. A nice cd player will definately improve musicality..
Try a krell kav 300 or a Classe' cdp.3 i have one for sale currently.. Good luck
Your turntable could stand some upgrading. I would suggest a Linn with Ittok and Lyra Helicon cartridge.
Ok Ok, I can't stand it anymore.

You ARE the weakest Link!

Thanks for all your input (except for John). How about adding an oversampling DAC (like the Music Fidelity) to my Rotel and replacing my amp with a better one? Would this work and would it be worth it? Thanks again for listening.
Sell the rotel and pick up a used Sony DVP s9000es DVD/SACD/CD player for about $600. It's an excellent unit and you'll find numerous threads here on audiogon confirming that.
Thanks for those comments Stehno. The only thing I am concerned about with selling my Rotel is that it is progressive scan and DVD-A compatable. I am just wondering if the sony is that much better. If the latter is the case and i could pick one up that cheap i could use it for a player or a transport only.
Maybe it's all in your head. That's where we try to fool ourselves into thinking this little HiFi system actually sounds like live music. It's all a mental game after all.
The sony dvp s9000es also has progressive scan. Check out some of the other threads by doing a search on the s9000es. It's an excellent unit.

Here's one:
Alright, I will look at the Sony. I also ran across what seems to be a good deal on an amp. Its a Earthquake Cinenova Grand. I can pick one of these up brand new for about half of retail. Would this amp be good for music?


I would HIGHLY suggest that you rethink your goals.
What do you LIKE about the sound that you get in 2 channel?
WHat do you not like?

DOn't buy blind!!!!