Where Is Musical Fidelity When You Need Them?

Several phone calls to the service department, U.S. branch of Musical Fidelty has yielded zero response. Left several messages, none have been returned.

What a way to endure a product to the end user. Anyone else have similiar results?

Or does someone know how to get service on a Musical Fidelity product?

If this keeps up, will just ditch the Musical Fidelity gear.
Finally got a call back today. So we will see what the service is like. As far as turn around time and cost.

Hope it is better than trying to contact them.

We will see.

Are these the peoople that you contacted:

Signal Path International
215 Lawton Road
Charlotte, NC 28216
001 704 391 9337
001 704 391 9338

They turned my equipment around in under a week's time.

Regards, Rich
Please be a bit more sympathetic to the issues of Musical Fidelity, Ferrari.

The management, marketing, advertising, and technical staff of the company has been quite busy. They are dutifully spending time in Connecticut, delivering and setting up their latest iterations, which replace those introduced in December, for Sam Tellig.

I'm sure once they have completed this herculean task, you will receive a most prompt response.
I've had an amp in for repair with them coming up on two months now. Rick is the technical director and has been having some health problems in his family, so I am cutting him more slack than normal.

The authorized dealers in the US are not permitted to do service work, so unfortunately, you don't have any other options unless you get a local tech to do the work.

Good luck.